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First of all, Happy New Year from all of us over here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle! We are more than thrilled to have you all bringing in the new year with us on the #PartyBike in the infamous city of Savannah, Georgia. Don’t forget to check out the “pricing” tab at the top of this page to find out how to book a tour, starting at just 25$ per/seat on the Party Bike once you’re done reading. There’s plenty of information in the FAQ’s tab as well if you have any questions.

With everything that has been going on, there’s never any telling who or what will be running around this year and we want to make your journey through the city easier by keeping y’all up to date on what’s still going on and who’s going to be putting on shows. Whether it’s food, drink or just plain fun that you’re interested in finding, there’s still plenty going on around these parts and Savannah Sip N’ Cycle is here to let you know what’s what. This week, here on the blog, enjoy a brand new list of local musicians that we’ve never mentioned before. With how often Savannah’s music scene is adding and changing their acts, there no shortage of exciting bands and solo acts to jam out with on any weekend night.

From brand new acts to those a bit more seasoned, there’s always live music to be heard in Savannah, no matter what the circumstances. Whether you’re already invested in some of these musicians or trying to find a new obsession to play on repeat, you’ve found the gold mine in this list here. At any given time here in the historic district, from River Street to Forsyth Park, there is never a lack of music to be found. Whether you’re interested in buskers from the park playing trumpet covers or a 6 piece band with all original songs, Savannah is truly a home to music makers from any and all walks of life. Being from Savannah, those of us here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle always try to take the time to show appreciation to the creators that give life to our favorite place to be.

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Street Clothes

Over the years, the notorious band Street Clothes has taken on a variety of new members, switching when the moment feels right. While the member count and content changes often, one quality that stays consistent with this group, despite the members moving in and out, is a solid sound made for those who want to stand up and dance. Started up by Andy Sutphen back in 2015, this group has been one that impresses locals and tourists alike no matter who is involved within the lineup. Find them at local haunts like El Rocko’s lounge and look forward to a new record that is in the works to be released soon. When you think about it, there’s no reason not to check out Street Clothes, you don’t even have to get dressed up for it.

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Perpetual Care

Local Outlaw-Indie Rock band Perpetual Care is a group comprised of a talented local musicians that produce music which is not for the faint of heart. Full of attitude and skill, their sound is not easily pinned down by just one genre. Haunting local venues like Wormhole, Perpetual Care is a show of true musicianship on a local level, and you can’t go wrong with one of their sets on any day. If you’re looking for some angst alongside instrumentals that are dark as they are dreamy, look no further than music made by Perpetual Care. You’d be hard pressed to forget them after just one song.

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Al Gore Rhythms

Local funk band the Al Gore Rhythms is much more than a sick name choice. This 3-piece band takes progressive influences to a funk sound that is instantly addicting to music lovers of all kinds. Throw out any ideas you had of what funk is supposed to be, the Al Gore Rhythms takes it to an entirely different level. From Tybee Island to right here at Barrelhouse, Al Gore Rhythms is all over the place and we are excited about it here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle.

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Formerly known as Electric Ewok, Squash has a solid spot in Savannah’s funk scene, known and loved by locals for a guaranteed great live performance. When this jam band takes on a gig, nobody knows how the set will go, not even the band members entirely. If the mood strikes, Squash goes with it, so don’t forget to take a video or three because you won’t be seeing the same performance more than one time. Without a doubt, Squash is a force to be reckoned with in the world of jam bands and will leave you with more than one memory of the experience.

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Charlie Fog Band

Deadheads from all over south Georgia unite anytime the Charlie Fog Band decides to grace a stage with their presence. A cult following mixes with new fans at Charlie Fog shows. Featuring Grateful Dead covers and mind blowing musicianship, you won’t hear the same set list twice when Charlie Fog comes around. From Barrelhouse to Coaches Corner and just about any venue in between, you won’t have to look far before stumbling across these fantastic folk in downtown Savannah. They’ve been around for a while and intend to continue, full speed ahead.

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Groove Town Assault

Though they originally hail from Hilton Head, South Carolina, Groove Town Assault, or GTA has made quite the reputation for themselves throughout this area. Their mix of cover choices are varied just like the band itself. Known for bringing the party no matter where they might end up, Groove Town Assault impresses and makes you want to dance. A seamless blend of instrumentals and DJ effects with vocals that will melt even the coldest heart, all who enter will benefit from a GTA show.

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Guns to Gallows

From Guns to Gallows is a new metal band on the scene that is coming in hot. After only a couple of live shows, there is no question that this group is a force to be reckoned with in live music. Full of energy and made up of guys who genuinely love to be on stage From Guns to Gallows is the band you’ll want to see now, before they get too huge. When you think of metal music, dancing might not come to mind immediately but that is not the case with From Guns to Gallows. Somehow, these guys make metal music that is brutal, but also entirely easy to dance along with. Don’t believe us? If you ever see them on a bill, check out From Guns To Gallows and find out for yourself.

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Steel Circuit

Has anyone else noticed the influx of incredible metal bands that have been coming out of Savannah’s proverbial woodwork lately? There seems to be no shortage of heavy musicianship coming out of the locals in the last couple of years and Steel Circuit is no exception to the rule, Savannah makes amazing metal bands. You can find two of their singles on Spotify and other streaming services. We look forward to finding out more about where they will end up playing and when the new EP will drop. There’s a ton to look forward to in 2021 where music is concerned and Steel Circuit is one of many musicians in the area releasing new music this year.

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Alex Bazemore

One of Savannah’s well known musicians, Alex Bazemore has been involved with bands from Tybee/Savannah for a lot of years, despite being a younger performer than the average. Bob Dylan covers, originals and much, much more make up a set list that has listeners dancing and singing along to his sets, even if they don’t know the words. Having worked with The Sound Experiment, Lulu The Giant and other acts in the area, Alex Bazemore has quickly made a reputation for himself as a jam up musician and all around decent guy to be around. You’ll dance your butt off and smile at anything he decides to be involved with.

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Honorable Mentions

Prior articles we’ve published have included local musicians and while we don’t like the idea of being too repetitive, there’s a couple of bands that are always worth mentioning. More often than not, you’re bound to find these groups opening for each other and sharing open mic nights so be sure to take some time for all musicians and bands featured throughout this list. You’ll always be pleased with what the locals have to offer. Here’s 5 more prior mentioned musical acts to add to a list of reasons for visiting Savannah, Georgia, as if you really needed another one. If you’ve got the time, take a look at our prior posts about bands and trios in the area that you just have to see. We are constantly adding more posts on that side of the site.


Eric Culberson Band

Lulu The Giant

Ember City

Georgia Kyle


So there you have it, just a handful of local bands and musicians to enjoy with the new year. Even if no one on this particular list has caught your interest, there’s plenty more to discover with Savannah’s music scene. Just check back to our old blog posts or stay tuned for additional ones, there is always something new to be talked about here at cyclesavannah.com. We even talk about restaurants and ways to enjoy yourselves during each visit, there’s a lot of great content here and plenty more to come. While you’re spending time with us in downtown Savannah, we are always happy to show true hospitality and want y’all to truly experience the city as the locals get to. Don’t hesitate to read through some of our past articles for more information on bars, not bars, music and other activities that Savannah has to offer.

When you’re planning a trip to Savannah’s historic district for the first time, or are a repeat visitor to our eclectic city, don’t forget to check and see which bands are playing where. There’s no better way to get a taste of what makes the area special than to experience live music from the people who make it here every day. Here’s a fun tip for those of you here to book a tour on the #PartyBike: If you ask your tour guide who their favorite local band is, you’ll almost always get a solid answer. The best way to find out what rocks in Savannah (other than by staying tuned to this blog) would be to ask a local, we are thrilled to share why we love it here so much. Once again, Happy New Year from everyone here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle, we can’t wait to meet you on the Party Bike!