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Take some time to unwind in Savannah at any of these local breweries and bars. Around here, we take pride in some of Georgia’s best servers, bartenders, and drinks. When you’re in the mood for brews, a visit to any of the mentioned locations has plenty of variety to offer.

Hop Atomica Logo Savannah Georgia

Hop Atomica

4.6 ★
New to the scene and first on the list, Hop Atomica awaits your party on 39th St with artfully crafted, small batch beer and a modern atmosphere. While experiencing one of Savannah’s only brewery and distillery combination, feel free to take some time browsing through the local art displays that change regularly, along with their drink/food menus. That’s right, no two visits to Hop Atomica are the same with how often they add new items to every menu. Keep an eye out for new drinks and eats by following their social media, Hop Atomica is not shy about bragging when they have to offer. Find out why they are able to take such pride in their stock by visiting them every day of the week from 11 am until at least 9 pm every day. One visit will have you wanting to take advantage of their stellar catering services as well. Hop Atomica is a trendy addition to Savannah’s growing community and we are hyped to see what they bring to the table in upcoming years.


Service Brewing Co Savannah Ga Logo

Service Brewing Co.

4.8 ★
Being located so close to a variety of military bases has had an effect on Savannah and the surrounding area for longer than most of us have been alive. From Fort Hunter to Fort Stewart, Savannah is right smack in the middle of two military bases. Throughout all of southeast Georgia, there is no denying that we support and respect the troops in any way that we can. When you sit down for some brews at Service Brewing Co, you get to experience support coming back to us from the veterans who own and operate the place. Wednesday through Sunday, Service Brewing Co serves only American made beers on Indian St. Keep an eye out for their Banana Beer, people rave over that particular flavor. Disclaimer: the Banana Beer is seasonal so grab a can when you can. When you make the conscious decision to spend with Service Brewing Co, know you’re supporting an organization that takes pride in America and those who have served from soldiers to first responders and everything in between.


Moon River Brewing Company Logo Savannah Georgia

Moon River Brewing Company

3.9 ★
Since their initial opening in 1999, Moon River Brewing Company has remained an essential part of why people can’t stop walking down Bay St. From 11 am until at least 10 pm every night, Moon River Brewing Company sits close to the river looking ever so inviting at any point in the day. Yoga Pants and Swamp Fox are two of their regular beer menu selections, and they pair up well with a number of appetizers on the food menu. As you read through their food menu, notice in the right corner of every meal is a note letting you know which beer you will want to order for the perfect match. Host your next event with them and know that this space can comfortably fit 100 people. Pick the beer garden or downstairs cellar to add some extra sparkle to your event, Moon River Brewing Company will move mountains to make sure that you can check all the boxes on your list with little planning involved.


TwoTides Brewing Co Logo Savannah Georgia

TwoTides Brewing Co

4.5 ★
Themed bars have been making a wicked comeback in the last ten years or so and Water Witch Tiki Bar is its own oasis hidden right in the plain sight of Bull St. Transport yourself to an island getaway without having to get covered in the icky sand. Water Witch Tiki Bar is located in the Starland District, serving up island influenced drinks with the aesthetic environment to match. Paying tribute to the seaside lore from times passed, Water witch Tiki Bar adds to Savannah’s unique and historically influenced environments. Check out their original drinks menu for cocktails like Skidaway Getaway or Thai Me Up. Even the non-alcoholic menu is fancy enough without needing to add liquor to the mix. Closed only on Sundays, Water Witch Tiki Bar is open from 5 pm – 12 am (2 am on the weekends) and ready to take you to the beach without having to leave the city.


Coastal Empire Beer Co Logo Savannah Georgia

Coastal Empire Beer Co

4.7 ★
While the rules specifically state that all alligators must be kept on a leash, the rest of Coastal Empire Beer Co’s expectations are relatively lax. These friendly folks just want you to have the nicest possible time while trying out locally made brews. Savannah Brown Ale and Tybee Island Blonde have all the charm and flavor of a visit to the city or our neighboring Tybee Island. Many years of hard work have gone into this company and the Coastal Empire Beer Co family wants you to feel at home when hanging out at their spot. From the first glance of the building, you know that people come to this brewery when they want to have a laid back kind of time. Look for Coastal Empire Beer Co on Ross Rd and come hang out anytime from Tuesday through Sunday.


White Whale Craft Ales Logo Savannah Georgia

White Whale Craft Ales

4.6 ★
If you happen to be staying in the Forsyth Park area of the city (and you should if you get the chance to) then White Whale Craft Ales won’t be more than a short walk away. White Whale Craft Ales on Bull St is a tasting room that keeps a rotation of beers from all over the world on tap regularly. If there is an obscure beer out there, White Whale Craft Ales is likely to have featured it at some point. Don’t see exactly the name you’ve been searching for? Tell your bartender and you might end up seeing their menu include your favorite in the future. Closed on Sundays, White Whale Craft Ales is usually open until at least 9 pm during the week. This location is central to all of the best pieces of Savannah, starting with the proximity to Forsyth Park and ending with beers that you will be talking about for many days to come.


The Warehouse Logo Savannah Georgia

The Warehouse

4.4 ★
Savannah’s favorite spot for the coldest, cheapest beer is located right on the east end of River St and you won’t find a shortage of locals hanging out at this spot every week. The Warehouse is known for being the kind of local haunt that houses the coolest local (and sometimes out of town) based bands. As you’re making your way down River Street, stay on the lookout for “the coldest beer in town” sign and step inside for some pool if the table is clear. Opening every day at 11 am, The Warehouse is ready to serve up cold brews, great tunes and great times until at least midnight every night. Every Friday and Saturday night, just listen closely for the live music and come inside for a sit.


PS Tavern Logo Savannah Georgia

PS Tavern

4.4 ★

Looking for a place to watch the big game while drinking local tap beers? PS Tavern has got you covered with plenty of screens, American style bar food and plenty of beer choices. Along with a seasonal selection that is usually locally based, PS Tavern keeps plenty of the classics like Coors or Miller Light. Wander down Bay St on game day and you’re sure to find a tv set with exactly what you need, otherwise the bartenders are generally happy to accomodate. Plan to stay a while and order a pizza or cool ranch chicken tenders at PS Tavern, they want to make an instant regular out of you. Every day of the week, PS Tavern is ready to kick off the day from 12 pm – 2 am at least.


American Legion Post 135 Logo Savannah Georgia

American Legion Post 135

4.6 ★

Don’t break the bank when you want to party in Savannah and visit the American Legion Post 135 for the best deals on beer and immediate access to Betty Bombers, the restaurant housed in the same building. American style food, all the classics, can be ordered from the bar along with fair priced beer/liquor. Walking into the Legion at any time feels like a step back in time to a “Cheers” style era where everyone feels like a friend even if they don’t already know your name. Not far from Forsyth with plenty of street parking in the area, this post is located on Bull St and is closed on Sundays. Come in any other day from 4 pm – 1 am at least and have all the fun that comes with no frills and cheap beer at the American Legion Post 135.


Crystal Beer Parlor Logo Savannah Georgia 2

Crystal Beer Parlor

4.6 ★

Mentioned often here at The Savannah Insider, Crystal Beer Parlor is worthy of most lists that we compile at CycleSavannah.com. Take your time at Crystal Beer Parlor on Jones St, this menu deserves to be explored in great detail. This centuries old building was once a grocery store long before any of us were born, making Crystal Beer Parlor a piece of living history. Rare finds are always on the minds of those in control of the beer supply at Crystal Beer Parlor. Take a taste of flavors that come from all ends of the country when ordering from the tap or can supply. Though we are focused on their alcohol stock (which includes a selection of Whiskeys and Tequilas that is worth a look) the food menu is widely appreciated by both visitors and Savannah natives. Plan a trip to Crystal Beer Parlor from 11 am – 9 pm every day except Monday and find out what they can do for you.



Savannah is stocked up with plenty of top rated bars, restaurants and venues that can’t wait to have you visit for a beer or cocktail. Any of the choices mentioned in this article has at least one quality in common, you are bound to receive only the best quality of service imaginable. Southern Hospitality is a thing and in Savannah, your cup stays full of it regardless of the location. Take a look at our “articles” tab to learn even more about what locations you need to visit while you’re visiting our favorite town. Find out all you need to know about where to visit, party, and have the time of your life in Savannah, Georgia. There is never a shortage of reasons to brag about this city and here at CycleSavannah.com we are on a mission to share everything we can with you.