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Here in Savannah, Georgia, there are so many local bands worth mentioning that we here and Savannah Sip & Cycle needed to continue our previous article just to give everyone their due credit. Without the music scene here, we wouldn’t have any reason to go out on the weekends. From progressive acts to country music and every imaginable genre in between, there is a little bit of anything you could ask for in the local music creation community that still calls Savannah their home base. Not only are we a favorite stop for touring bands from all over the country, but we have produced some incredible acts that just keep kicking butt and don’t plan to slow momentum. This week, we’ve decided to give you a compilation of acts in the city that deserve some extra attention. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and keep coming back to the Savannah Sip & Cycle blog every week to learn more about why we love living here in south east Georgia almost as much as people love coming to visit!

Georgia Kyle

Just like the name states, this performer is so “Georgia” that long time true southern fans are guaranteed to find something to get hyped about during a set by him. Primarily playing hand made cigar box guitars, Georgia Kyle has that easygoing vibe about him that makes you want to sit back and have a beer or three while basking in the music. From covers to originals, he has a knack for encompassing just what makes the southern music community so special to us. Whenever you’re looking for a calm, cool and collected session of acoustic jams, find Georgia Kyle all over the city. He has been a regular haunt at places like The River House on River Street and Lizzy’s Tequila Bar and Grill but his set list has graced many other locations in and around this area.

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Clouds and Satellites

Self proclaimed “indie rawk” band, Clouds and Satellites is regarded by many as the type of band you can’t really pinpoint with one descriptive category. Upon a listen to their most recent EP(4), released earlier this year, I managed to come up with “beach rock, folk punk and adult contemporary” when considering various genre identification but those few classifications do little to truly encompass the sound’s end result.
Known fondly within the local entertainment industry as lifers, Clouds and Satellites consists of a variety of lead vocalist/songwriter types who all manage to work as one cohesive unit. They have all had more than the lion’s share of experience as musicians. What was once a two-man act, consisting of Tim Warren and Markus Kuhlmann, has now evolved into five members with one common cause, to be awesome musicians and to have fun while accomplishing just that. They are cited for producing music that is near impossible to perfectly imitate while on stage, but actually enjoy being the process involved as an “in studio” band. While they put on a live show that has its own strengths, the real magic happens during the recording process for Clouds and Satellites, almost like getting two bands for one.
Find their most recent, EP4 on Spotify and other streaming services.

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Ember City

If ever there was a voice that could actually personify the sound of angels, Sarah Poole of Ember City is the one who manages that epic feat any time she opens her mouth to sing. After making the decision to leave her full time teaching job in favor of pursuing music with Ryan Taito and David Richard, the trio debuted their first album in 2018 and plan to keep it up. Whether you’re into the blues or just grunge/alternative in general, Ember City is worth a play or two. Just as angelic live as they are in studio, this group has been known to inhabit City Market and other local venues. If you ever get the pleasure of enjoying them once, you’ll be a fan for life. Their new single Try Again Tomorrow is out now.

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Donna Savage

What better way is there to make people want to know more about your band than to tell them nothing about the people performing in it to begin with? Donna Savage may sound like the Myspace name of a forgotten scene girl (shout out to the early 00’s) but that mental image is the farthest possible thing from reality with this group. Masked up and full of gimmicks, Donna Savage is a an anonymous local band that prides itself on the showmanship that pairs flawlessly with their epic sound. Holding true to the style of shows that made the punks crawl out of their basements for more, Donna Savage is not only somewhat unknown by the general public, but also widely admired for their show of raw power and hype performances. Labeled by DoSavannah as mean surf punk, Donna Savage is the style of music that you had no idea you needed but will want to see again and again. After performing at The Jinx, El Rocko’s and other like venues, there’s zero doubt to why Donna Savage has been making a name for themselves, even if there is no face to go with it.

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As of Today

Four native to Savannah music creators, As of Today is an up and coming band that formed early in 2017. Though their sound dabbles in various genre types, the overall vibe of this group could best be described as a more modern interpretation of the classic rhythm and blues they all enjoy. This quartet of talent is still fairly fresh to the music scene of Savannah, but are definitely on the way up, quickly. If pressed, the members cite a few of their favorite place to play live as Taste of India, despite calling Barrelhouse South their home base after attending all the open mic nights they could manage. Despite having to slow down on live shows during recent events, As of Today had an incredible show at The Rockhouse Bar & Grill on Tybee for Labor Day Weekend. If chill vibes and good guys, wrapped up in a mass of talent sounds like something you’d be interested in, an As of Today show should be at the top of your list.

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Progressive, different, metal, dramatic, just some of the adjectives in a massive list that could describe the band Knightsquatch. A widely loved favorite to the locals, Knightsquatch is a four man band of creators that know just how to impress audiences when on stage and off. If you’re the type of person who enjoys the experience of a live show that has more layers than you can easily identify, this is the band to check out. When watching an in person performance by these musicians, there is virtually no limit to the amount of stimuli throughout each song. With every member doing so much at one time but managing a sound that just works without overdoing itself, Knightsquatch knows how to blend cohesively. Not only does Knightsquatch add to the metal scene that Savannah has become such a regular part of, they enhance the genre overall. Some of the greatest talent combines in these four to make for a sound that will be spoken about for years to come. No one can escape the Knightsquatch once introduced.

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City Hotel

Voted by the city to be Savannah’s Best Local Bluegrass Band for three years in a row, City Hotel has become a major piece of what makes the local music scene such a tight knit group of creators. Known for their new and exciting takes on old classics and a sound that while acoustic, is still the life of the party, City Hotel has been mulling around the area since their formation in 2011 and has made quite the name for themselves. Whether it be covers of popular songs or original content, these guys have a distinctive sound that has been featured across three albums during their time in production. With just a mandolin, guitar, banjo and upright bass, the four seasoned musicians come together to give a bluegrass experience that is rumored to be the best you’ll find in southeast Georgia.

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Though they have since relocated to Colarado, the group Bowregard and its original members started out here in Savannah. This acoustic powerhouse consists of four members who all bring something unique and distinctive to the musical table. After winning more than one award in their short time as a formed band, there is no stopping Bowregard from continuing to make their presence known throughout the bluegrass scene, and not just in the Savannah area.

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If you’re looking for music that disputes all of the standard themes of what a metal band is supposed to be, Vatican is at the top of the “not like other band” metalheads. Entirely straight edge but lacking in any basis of faith, Vatican is a group unlike most within their genre. Showcasing a mix of metal-core, death metal, and even a bit of Swedish influence, this is the group that goes out of their way to be interesting. From the lyrical styles to powerful video accompaniment, there is a story to be told within each song. Though these guys have made their way to a “national” status, they are still proud to call Savannah home, never for a moment forgetting where they came from. Showing a passion for creation that is truly admirable, the members of Vatican are known for spending every free moment either writing or recording, whether it be in a real studio or an empty storage unit downtown. Despite being members of a city that is primarily run by its bar scene, we admire the group for sticking to their values and keeping a clear mind.

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Clay Hodges

Right out of our home city, Clay Hodges is a musical impression that once made, is unforgettable. After finding his niche in music at the young age of ten years old, he is a rapper whose overall musical experience stems from an upbringing by parents who were heavily involved in the music scene at church and outside of it. Starting young, he went from singing in the church choirs that his mother headed to the production of raps by the time he turned fifteen. Revered as the type of writer who conveys heavy emotion, anything this man touches is one for the books. Covering topics that are near to his heart and painstakingly real, Clay Hodges is not the person you want to listen to if you’re afraid of the truth put to a melody. Whenever a new track comes out, we anticipate nothing but the best from Clay Hodges.

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Honorable Mentions:


Though she is no longer with us, Victoria Scalisi is known and remembered by all to have played a major role in what the Savannah Metal Scene (and metal music in general) was and has become. Rumored to be an influencer to infamous names like Mastadon, she was considered to be the Godmother of Savannah Punk & Metal. Forming the band Damad in 1993, she and hers went on to inspire creators in the area and out by being a female driven force in a male dominated scene. Scalisi was true to her need to be a creator up until 2016, when a reunion tour of shows was cut short due to health concerns, eventually leading to her passing. Not only was Damad known and adored by everyone who was lucky to experience a show, the music is still revered as some of the greatest ever created in the city.


While Savannah is a haven for creators of all sorts, the musicians have been working overtime during the last few months. Even though we have been trying to get used to not being able to gather in groups or enjoy public creators like we have grown accustomed to, Savannah musicians have gone above and beyond to ensure that there is still live music to enjoy. Music makers on this list and off have gathered together online through social media to keep giving us the music we crave so much. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on more articles about Savannah and local creators.