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Welcome back to the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle blog, the place where we get to brag a little (okay, maybe a lot) about why we just LOVE living in Savannah’s Historic District. Whether you are one of the history fanatics, on a hunt for scary stories, or want to gain some insight into the creative community that makes the city so unique, Savannah has a place for you to visit. Don’t blame us if you find yourself needing to plan more than one trip just to see everything that we have to offer. From shopping to shows and back again with all of the food options, Savannah is the city that keeps growing, but always stays the same.

Just like the rest of Savannah, River Street is a well known, well walked, city landmark that draws tourists, locals, performers and really anyone wanting to have a fun time alongside an iconic view of the river. Visitors don’t even have to walk inside to find fun buildings, entertainers and landmarks to experience while taking a walk. What makes a walk down River Street so special to us has to be the seamless blend of Hipster culture alongside a clearly preserved historic city. While you might walk into an art studio and feel as if you have been transported to New York City, the outside of most buildings still closely resemble their original structures. Savannah is the type of city that you cannot judge by its covers. On any given day, especially during the weekends, River Street calls itself home to the thousands of creators who come from all over to share in the excitement.

Even though the city is in generally in a constant state of growth and change, larger remodels within Savannah’s Historic District are only taken into consideration if a sense of preservation is able to remain in tact. So while temporary events and annual get together style celebrations are encouraged (just ask our Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day visitors) and enjoyed regularly, you won’t likely encounter too much groundbreaking construction in the area. When Savannah takes on a large project, something like the Plant Riverside District, there is always more to the story than meets the eye.

Plant Riverside District, or the “West End” of River Street has gained significant notoriety not just since its reopening in 2020, but since it’s initial establishment over 100 years ago. Back in 1912, plans for a Power Plant were put in motion to keep up with Savannah’s growth. Even now, the original plans were considered in the modern design of this historic piece. Savannah is not the type of place that wants to change with the times, we make the times change with us. In the last year of being open to the public, the Plant Riverside District has become an area that is inviting to visitors of all ages, with a bit of something for everyone. Like we mentioned earlier, the blend of chic culture is effortlessly combined with what the city has always been. Keep on reading to find out what there is to do on the West End of River Street in Downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Find Your View

As we mentioned before, the iconic view of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge from River Street is one to not be missed. Photographs, paintings and even television shows have made a backdrop out of River Street’s view. One thing about the West End of River Street, there are even more photo ready background shots available, including two rooftop access venues.

Electric Moon Skytop Lounge

4.3 ★
Electric Moon Skytop Lounge is the top floor of a rooftop venue complete with food, drinks and a flawless atmosphere, perfect for a regular Tuesday night, or a full bachelorette party. If we have not convinced you to check it out yet, here’s the selling point. Look around the “room” once you’ve arrived and stop once you’ve found the slide. Take the big yellow slide down to the Moon Deck and play some lawn games, or just walk down the stairs. Either way, there’s no wrong way to get to a good time when you are at Electric Moon Skytop Lounge + Moon Deck.

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Savory Treats

No trip to Plant Riverside is complete without munching on some delicious delicacies, but when you really want to hit the strip, nothing beats a special treat! Grab yourself a quick-n-tasty snake treat to get your blood sugar levels amped up!

Byrd’s Famous Cookies

4.6 ★
Have you yet heard of Byrd’s Famous Cookies? Well, sit down and strap in if you haven’t yet. From 1924 and still going strong today, there’s a reason that these local treats are able to consider themselves to be famous. On a cold, hot or rainy afternoon, ducking into Byrd’s Famous Cookies for a treat is one way to add to an already exciting day. We would mention a few cookie options, if there weren’t too many to select from already.

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District Gelato

4.8 ★
Savannah is hot, and sticky. This is something we know and cherish/deal with in our own special way. One way to combat the heat when visiting is to visit one of many ice cream shops in the area. While main names like Leopold’s tend to stand out to the first timers, smaller venues are the true gem of the area. Featuring 24 different flavors of house made gelato, District Gelato is the prime way to cool off for a moment between art galleries.


Stop and Smell the Flowers, and Food!

When sweet treat just can’t quite hit the spot, then it’s definitely time to get something a lil’ more substantial! Nothing is better than grabbing a cold drink, a bite to eat, and taking in a gorgeous view!

Myrtle & Rose Rooftop Garden

4.4 ★
Botanist dreams and a feminine touch make for Myrtle & Rose Rooftop Garden, a restaurant and aesthetic oasis, inspired by the Muses themselves. From the menu items to the extensive drink listing, there is a botanical theme to every inch of this location. If you are lucky enough to have time to stop in and smell the flowers (in everything) then take a load off at Myrtle & Rose.

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Get Some Culture

You’ve got your sweets, your views, and your food – so what’s next? We recommend enjoying some of the finer things in life while you’re down at Plant Riverside. Savannah’s known for being a hotbed of culture, so you know it’s going to have amazing, interesting, and must-see pieces that will definitely intrigue your artistic side!

Savion Gallery

5.0 ★
The Savion Gallery has to be one of our favorite modern art galleries in Riverside, and with good reason. From trippy paintings to sculptures full of personality, you might find that an hour or two has escaped you in what feels like 10 minutes! Getting a good look at every piece is a MUST at The Savion Gallery.

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Enjoy a Free Show

Something is always happening on the weekends down here at Plant Riverside, so you’ll be sure to have a blast without having to go out of your way for entertainment. The loving community embraces tourists and locals alike and often provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience just for your pleasure!

Savannah Cirque

4.9 ★
That’s right, you did not misread us here. Every Saturday evening, Savannah Cirque puts on a Circus show at no cost to you. Grab the entire family and plan to have your minds blown by a gravity defying group of acrobats. There is truly no better way to end your trip to Riverside if you are out with your family.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30pm and 9:30pm along the Riverwalk

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Riverstreet Amphitheater

4.6 ★
Live music is also no stranger to Plant Riverside. Local and regional bands can be found at the amphitheater on any weekend, be sure to check it out if you are around. You never know who you may run into and free shows happen all the time.


Up your Style

Dive right into a southern style and become the charming Georgia peach or classy gentleman you know you are! Without a doubt, the best way to dress up your wardrobe, Riverstreet has all the high-end, or affordable, fashion you need!

September’s Closet

4.6 ★
Any time during the year, you can find a bit of Southern Hospitality in September’s Closet. Boasting a style selection that is both “Classy and Sassy” means that any bright style can find a piece at this boutique. Dress like a true Southern Bell, with confidence and grace, after shopping in September’s Closet. Be on the lookout for locally crafted jewelry amongst an incredible clothing selection.

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J. Parker LTD

4.6 ★
Don’t think that the South’s need to keep it classy ends with the Bells. Gentleman and women as well are welcome to take a walk into J. Parker LTD for the finest in apparel and furnishings. Adding to the storefronts on Broughton and in the Twelve Oaks Shoppings Center, J. Parker LTD is already a regular part of Savannah’s shopping favorites.

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When we do renovation in Savannah, we really DO renovation in Savannah. The “West End” of River Street, or Plant Riverside District is one of the ways that Savannah has remained the same, while keeping up with a growing city. After going out of the way to preserve a certain historic aesthetic, the Plant Riverside District keeps getting better and better. You don’t even have to come around on a holiday or weekend, there is generally always something going on. Though this particular article does not outline everything that the West End has to offer, we hope that your interest has at least been peaked. Taking a trip to River Street, east or west end, is an experience that any visitor should be allowed to enjoy at least once. After one visit, you will want at least two more, fitting everything into one day can be tricky for even the most skilled Savannah native. Even before the smoke stacks were revised to be another historic wonderland, River Street alone can have you standing and reading signs all day long before realizing the day has left you.

Now, though this article’s focus has been the new Riverside Plant District, don’t forget that River Street is just one of many that is full of history, beauty and who knows what performer or creative venture might be happening at any moment. If you’d like to learn more about the squares, shops, events and performers in the city, then you won’t have to look very far. Just click back to the “blog” section at the top of this page and scroll away. Here at the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle Blog, there is always someone new to cover, another local business to spotlight, and another reason for you to want to come visit us here in Savannah’s Historic District. Don’t forget to take some time to read up on all that the city has to offer, even bookmark this page for easier access to our content. Curious to find out more about the #PartyBike? That’s what we love to hear! When partying in a building just does not feel like the right energy, consider booking a tour with us on Savannah’s ONLY fully mobile dance floor. Wandering around the city, you might have seen us a time or two. Just picture a giant bicycle, full to the brim with happy people shouting “WOOO” at any random moment, and you’ve got us. For some crazy reason, if you have not seen us out and about before, don’t sweat it. You can follow us on social media, Facebook or Instagram to see daily updates of our antics. Never quite knowing who is going to climb up on to the Party Bike is what makes our tours so fun. Well, that and our tour guides, who are a group of knowledgeable locals that can answer any questions you might not have gotten answered through our articles. Don’t forget, our tickets go for just 25$ a seat, so there’s no real excuse to not at least check out what we have to offer. From everyone of us here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle, thank you for coming by the blog and we can not wait to meet you from on top of the Party Bike! We will be seeing you very soon!