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When it comes to bachelorette parties, or being the maid of honor, you don’t want to disappoint! So if you’re thinking of Savannah for your favorite ladies, then you’re in luck! We’ve spent years exploring all the best nooks and crannies that Savannah has to offer, and now we get to pass our knowledge on to you! So come along and let’s make this the best Savannah Bachelorette party ever! We look forward to seeing you 🙂


From the dive to the must-visit, Savannah Bars have unmatched character and feel! With a huge variety of atmosphere, vibes, and culture, bars in Savannah can be a unique quandary to navigate. Here are some of our favorites that will never disappoint!

Jen’s & Friends

Without a doubt one of the best cocktails you can find anywhere in Savannah! With over 300 martini options, you are sure to find a unique boozy treat that will blow your mind! They come in every flavor you can imagine, dozens of candy bar flavors such as the Twix martini, which comes with caramel and gram cracker around the rim, topped off with a bite-size Twix bar, and a large enough variety of fruity flavors that you could drink an entire rainbow! While the martinis are the main attraction, Jen’s is also known for a surprisingly good selection of craft brews in bottles and cans. This small bar may seem unassuming while strolling down the beautiful Bull street just near Johnson Square, but rest assured there is nothing dull about this place. The crowd is usually just as fun and colorful as the drinks themselves!

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Club One

When planning a night out with the girls, Club One is a must-visit on the list of eccentric Savannah “it” places. Just behind the blue awnings over Club One’s doors on Jefferson St, you will find three floors, each one hosting its own party. Whether you want to dance to the hottest dance mixes, grab a quick bite to eat or enjoy a drag show, this spot is ready for it.

From the moment you enter the first floor, an urge to dance takes over instantly. Cages, stages, lights and a 1,000 sq ft dance floor sets the scene for a perfect girl’s night out. Along with this epic setup, nothing but the best pop mixes are played throughout the night, giving everyone something to sing along with.

Home to the late “Empress Of Savannah” Lady Chabli (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) and host to many LGBTQ celebrities over the years, Club One always has somebody influential walking through its doors. Up on the second floor, always be prepared to expect the unexpected. Drag, stand-up, burlesque, there’s no telling who will be taking the stage from one event to the next. Club One has seen performers from all over and continue to add incredible acts to their lineups regularly.

What better way to end an evening of laughs, drinks and dancing than with some good old fashioned bar food? That’s right, there’s even a spot to order food and drinks down in the basement. Along with themed hot dogs, the menu features a wide array of food options that you might crave from quesadillas to chicken sandwiches. Great entertainment, drinks and food all in one stop? It really does seem like Club One covers all of the stops.

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The Wormhole

Arcade games, trivia nights, live music, and much more can be found if you happen to be wandering down Bull St on any given night in downtown Savannah. Known for it’s casual but creative flair and on-site activities, The Wormhole is like your favorite childhood arcade but better, you can buy alcohol too. With live music ranging from local legends to out of town acts and something fun going on most nights, every party is guaranteed to make epic memories here. Savannah natives love this venue for the music, a wide variety of genres take the stage regularly, providing a new experience every time you walk inside.

No two nights are ever the same at The Wormhole. Looking for laughs? Check out The Wormhole’s Facebook page to see which comedians happen to be in town that day. If you like trivia, then stop by on Tuesday evenings after 10 pm to get in on the action. Drinks, late-night food, games and live acts collide to provide everything any group needs to enjoy themselves in Savannah for the night.

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Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar

Featuring the famous dueling pianos, Savannah Smiles is an energetic and popular stop on River Street since it opened in 2000. Grab a bite to eat from their pub-grub menu while watching one of the many great shows! And if you’re willing to tip the piano man he’ll play an awesome cover of any song you like from rap to country! Pick your bride’s favorite (or most embarrassing song) to spice up the night! The turnout here is always great, so this not a slow boring bar by any means! Be sure to make reservations ahead of time if you’re bringing 15 or more.

From the fun variety of events like midget wrestling to the pub-grub menu, Savannah Smiles is one of the best places to let loose with the ladies and shut the night down! Just make sure to drink a ton of water and to book a ride home!

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Are you someone that is looking for a place to party that is more than just the typical bar scene? Interested in just a bit more than live music and drinks? Do you crave more of an experience when going out with your best friends? If so, then look no further than Moodright’s on Abercorn. Located just on the edge of downtown, Moodright’s is the type of venue that isn’t trying to outdo itself or anyone else. Because of it being farther down Abercorn than most bars, Moodright’s is less bogged down by local foot traffic. Along with its easily accessible location and low priced drinks, this bar always hosts Duckpin Bowling for visitors. What is Duckpin Bowling you ask? Well, it’s like regular bowling but with pins that are no taller than five inches. There’s no better way to enjoy an evening of drinks and friends than with a round or two of miniature bowling. Even if Duckpin Bowling isn’t quite your style, come out any Tuesday for bingo night at no extra charge! For those grown-ups who still like to hang out with their inner child on occasion, Moodright’s is the perfect setup. Pair the amazing activities with moderately priced drinks (be sure to ask your bartender about deals and specials), and this location is guaranteed fun for “grown” folks of all kinds.

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Lone Wolf Lounge

Near the Green Truck Pub on Lincoln St, sits Savannah’s local watering hole The Lone Wolf lounge. Known for chill vibes and an easygoing atmosphere, this bar is the perfect place to just hang out and enjoy a few drinks with friends. Locals boast for a staff that is attentive, fun-loving and just generally enjoyable in addition to the overall experience. Oddball drinks like the Zippah (featuring a shot of absinthe) make the ordering experience fun and quirky. Inspired by the funky style of the 1980’s bars, this scene is not too flashy while remaining entirely interesting. Pac Man machine in the corner, 80’s music on the radio, and everything on the menu from cheap beers to extravagant cocktails, Lone Wolf is ready to take you back to the good old days.

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Congress Street Up

Have you ever wondered just what makes a Manhattan? Are you curious about what goes into your cocktail and why? Well, the folks at Congress St Up can tell you exactly who, what, when and why every drink they offer is what it is. These people aren’t just bartenders but “mixologists”, who have no qualms about serving up the best in luxurious liquor. Along with a vast array of options on the menu, 220 Up on Congress is also a host to weekly cocktail classes every Monday and Tuesday evening at 6 pm. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about mixing drinks properly, this is the place to be.

Featuring a vintage ambiance, Congress St Up is known for the overall 1920’s vibe of the building. Not only are the staff dressed to fit the bill, but the music featured sticks the same classic theme, making the speakeasy tribute venue a true experience in what has always made Southern charm so appealing. What better way to kick off the new 20’s than to virtually travel in time back to the old ones? Congress St Up is also available for private party rentals and their event planners are always happy to help plan the perfect visit for any future guests. Located right in the middle of City Market, be sure to look on congress street for this nearly hidden gem.

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We all need to eat sometime! Especially when it’s your special ladies last hoorah as a free women 😊! From just plain fancy, to trying to please a large group, we’ve picked some of the best place to munch down while partying in Savannah! Just don’t forget to tip!

Crystal Beer Parlor

As Savannah’s oldest existing restaurant, Crystal Beer Parlor is more than just a great location to try more than 80 types of beer. This restaurant hosts a variety of classic southern options at affordable prices and a dessert menu that seems too good to be true(try the fried pound cake, trust us!). Whether you’re craving fried green tomatoes, spaghetti, and meatballs, shrimp gumbo or an old fashioned burger, Crystal Beer Parlor has an option on the menu just right for you. Even the sandwiches offered have some history behind them with options like the “Brown Ale” and “North Of Gaston Street” burger.

You will not leave this location hungry or bored. With the great prices and large portions, Crystal Beer Parlor prides itself on satisfying customer experience. Ask your server about the building’s history and see what they have to say. This place has been around for so long that everyone has a different story to tell, there’s even a ghost story or two attached to the infamous haunt. What once began as a small family-owned grocery store is now one of the hottest spots to enjoy a meal. Located on the corner of Jones and Jefferson st, tourists and locals alike always come back to visit the Crystal Beer Parlor.

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The Atlantic

Set up in the hip and trendy Starland area of Savannah, the Atlantic is a former gas station turned dining establishment. At one time this location was known as the Atlantic Service Station, a place to fill up with gas but a lot has changed since then and for the better. Now, the Atlantic is known to be a beautiful, homey eatery with small plate entrée options and an extensive beverage list. With plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, everyone can enjoy a plate. Along with a menu designed for virtually anyone, daily drink specials and local seasonal brews keep beverage options fresh. Many different appetizers, breads, bowls, and even duck entrées can be ordered alongside the “Rose of the day” or a “Century” cocktail. Fitting in flawlessly with the Starland District’s hip design, the Atlantic has quite a specific charm to it that stands out immediately upon viewing. Open every night at 5 pm, this restaurant offers local ingredients, great prices, historical value, and a well-rounded menu to keep any group wanting to visit time and time again.

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The Grey

Formerly a Greyhound bus station in 1938, The Grey features dishes that are an updated take on southern classics. Full of history and antique charm, this bus station was preserved in a way that highlights memorable elements from its past architectural styles. Seating up to 60 people, the dining room is a high ceilinged commemoration of a completely different time. Like being inside of a new wave rendition of the 19060’s this location is loaded with nostalgia. From the pictures on the walls to the stories about the building itself, you could consider a meal at The Grey to be somewhat similar to a museum visit.

Dishes served on the menu include variations of traditional soulful favorites by chef Mashama Bailey, originally from New York. This menu is a true melting pot of flavors, interesting and exciting just like The Grey itself. Combining new and daring styles with what we know and love, only made more intimate by the historical significance involved. You can find the Grey on Martin Luther King Blvd in Downtown Savannah.

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Fire Street Food

Fire is one of many Asian-fusion joints around Savannah, but this one really sticks out from the rest. From the modern, comfortable decor, spacing seating, to the large, varied, and always consistent menu this place is sure to serve up a tasty lunch or dinner that won’t break the bank. Fire serves up everything from succulent sushi rolls and noodle dishes to juicy burgers and delicious wings. This place is simple, consistent, quick, and reasonably priced. Located on Perry street directly adjacent to Chippewa square Fire Street Food is a great spot for a quick lunch break on your Savannah bachelorette adventure!

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Clary’s Cafe

If you take a walk down the beautiful Jones st, you’ll eventually stumble upon the legendary Clary’s. Clary’s Cafe is an old favorite of locals and tourists alike. When searching for the perfect breakfast in this classic city, Clary’s comes up first and for good reason. Not only is this nostalgic little diner home to the greatest (and most filling) stuffed French toast (be sure to ask about the Elvis stuffed toast) but it was home to a scene in the widely renowned flick Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil. If you look around enough, you may even see photos on the wall from the famous movie.

While this local haunt is generally always busy, there is never a sense of being rushed or crowded. Upon walking into Clary’s, guests are immediately overwhelmed by a sense of Southern Hospitality, complete with the sassy waitresses ready to make you laugh. In South Georgia, the locals know one thing to be true : If you leave hungry, that’s your own fault. Just one glance at the packed menu shows that there is a meal for anyone in your group. With vegetarian options and a case full of baked goods that is always freshly stocked, Clary’s holds to that southern charm and guarantees that everyone will enjoy their experience in the city.

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Goose Feathers Cafe

Whether you’re in a mood to eat sitting down or just looking to grab a quick bite and run, Goose Feathers’ cafeteria-style dining experience has an option for even the pickiest eaters in your group. Near City Market, this café is just off of Ellis square, so you couldn’t miss it if you tried. Just look for the goose painted on the windows and come on in. Serving the Historic District of Savannah since 1986, this European inspired restaurant is truly part of what makes the city so special and nostalgic. The owners have personally worked in the restaurant since it’s initial opening and has been dedicated to providing every single visitor with a truly “homey” encounter ever since.

Fresh, from scratch baked goods, come out of this oven daily with many options. These options include classics like blueberry muffins and cream cheese croissants, but that does not even come close to describing what is offered throughout the bakery. Cherry Almond, Banana-Coffee-Nut and Spiced Apple are just a few of the flavored options readily available. If savory baked goods aren’t your go-to for a first meal, just check out the egg menu, bagel menu, and even ask about gluten-free options. When you go to Goose Feathers Café, your satisfaction matters and it shows.

A truly historic experience in itself, this little spot takes you back through time and to another place entirely. Goose Feathers Café boasts a fusion of styles influenced by Paris and Manhattan, making this restaurant unlike any other in the area.

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22 Square

When on the search for the perfect restaurant for a bridal party, the atmosphere is key and the Andaz Savannah goes above and beyond what a local hotel is asked to be. As a host to one of the city’s more trendy restaurants, 22 Square is located inside of the Andaz on Barnard St. 22 Square restaurant and bar reinvents classic southern dishes to satisfy anyone’s comfort food craving in an elegant way. Opening each day with a breakfast buffet, fresh baked goods, and signature espressos, this location starts strong and stays that way throughout each day. Not only is the food preparation southern-based, but also the ingredients are gained locally so you know exactly what you’re in for.

Come on down and ask what is offered in their custom omelets for breakfast or request the hand made cocktails menu at night. With various alcoholic options like “How I met your wife” and “Pineapple Under The Sea,” you’re guaranteed to find something fun and new to try before hitting the club scene. The evening menu brings a promise of lighter menu options such as seasonal seafood platters, perfect to enjoy before a long night or after a long day. No matter what time during your visit to Savannah, 22 Square is always ready with an array of options to satisfy.


When you’re trying to make the memories last forever, or just trying to have an awesome time, planning your bachelorette party in Savannah can be tough when you don’t have ideas. Fortunately, we’ve gathered a few classics here that always please and some that will turn up for sure! So sit back, strap in, and let the fun begin!

Sip & Cycle Pedal Party Bike Tour

Savannah’s number one bachelorette party activity, the terms ”party bike” and “pedal tavern” are synonymous with bachelorette party here in Savannah! The Sip & Cycle is Savannah’s newest party bike service offering multiple 90min public and private tours every day of the week they are sure to have a time slot that fits your group whether its day drinking or an evening cruise, they got you! Starting at just $25 per person this up to 15 passengers “Big Green Party Machine” is the most fun way to pedal around downtown Savannah, the tour offers 3 to 4 bar stops along the way and the best part? You can bring your drink straight from the bar back to the bike, no problems! These folks have the fanciest party bike around hands down, pedal in style and comfort throughout Savannah’s beautiful, historic squares and streets while you sip and cycle your way through town!

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Royal Bike Taxi

You haven’t experience Savannah until you’ve ridden on a pedicab! Book a train of these to dominate downtown with your bridesmaids and let all of Savannah know who’s the boss!

Take a spin around town or grabbing a drink on the way to dinner! Turn heads as you party your way through the lovely streets of Savannah! How about a last-minute ghost tour? This bike taxi service does it all! Call them to procure a leisurely paced pedal through the downtown district. See the city from the ground up and find out why many locals consider these impromptu excursions “the best way in town to get around.” Pedicabs allow you to see Savannah from a totally different point of view than most tours, and these guys give you the real scoop – you will never feel like you’re getting the “scripted version” while on a pedicab tour. From taxis to tours to weddings, and huge group rides Royal Bike Taxi does it all with a smile!

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Escape Room Savannah

Boasting as the most haunted city in the United States, Savannah is not only home to its fair share of ghosts and creepies but plenty of themed games and entertainment, adding to the overall ambiance. Right here in the historic district, just down Abercorn st, the Escape Room offers a thrill to those mystery seekers and game lovers. In the span of an hour, you and your group must use teamwork to discover the way out. It seems easy enough, right? Well, don’t be so sure.

The perfect escape from reality, Escape Room Savannah is intended for adventurers and sleuths of this generation. Get ready to put all those years of reading mysteries to good use. Themes of the game include Zombie Apocalypse, The Haunted Room and Escape From Pirate Island so pick your poison and get ready to find your way out. In one hour, your group will have to work together in an attempt to exit the facility by using various clues. If you’ve ever had an urge to play Sherlock Holmes in this lifetime, look no further than Escape Room Savannah. Just head down Abercorn and look for the black iron fence, free street parking is available.

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Front Porch Improv

Widely known for being one of the most hilarious comedy shows in the city, Front Porch Improv is a 90-minute set that is edgy and exhilarating. As the show is rated PG-13, this group is the perfect spot to laugh as only adults can. Featuring a well trained and incredibly talented group of talents from all over the world, there is a little bit of anything to be had with these shows.

After compiling audience suggestions, the various cast members put on a crude and hysterical show that is consistently different from the prior performances. With all of the skits they put on constantly changing and evolving, Front Porch Improv keeps the comedy scene fresh and invigorating. These folks do not get stale no matter how many times you visit.

This is the show to hit up if you want to laugh for an entire 90 minutes straight. From start to finish, Front Porch Improv hits the hilarity hard. But that is not all the group has to offer. If you’re interested in becoming more like this fantastic group, check the website to find out how to schedule an improv class for you and your friends. Located in the Starland District, shows are put on every weekend and guaranteed to be great no matter what the focus.

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Forsyth Park

When visiting the Savannah Historic District, one of the top places on any list of things to do in the city is walking through Forsyth Park. Spanning the distance of 30 acres, this area is always packed with people and activities. Whether there is some type of organized shindig set up or just people enjoying the great outdoors, this area stays buzzing with activity. From the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning to the annual Jazz Festival held every summer, Forsyth Park hosts a variety of activities from week to week. Alongside SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), the local arts and music community combines constantly to create an aesthetic that truly encompasses Savannah’s overall vibe. Guitarists in the grass, jewelry makers in the squares, and more are always lining the walkways of this park.

Even if you miss the farmers market and there is no big concert being hosted, a visit to Forsyth is more than just seeing where all the creative minds gather. Featuring “The Fountain of Forsyth,” this landmark is one that is a regular photo stop for tourists, along with historical statues and effigies full of interesting information. Like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, this area is truly preserved to feel like a step back in time.

We highly recommend checking out what’s going in Forsyth Park when you go to your bach party! It may have just thing to top off one amazing day!

City Market

Located in the four blocks between Ellis and Franklin squares is the chic and contemporary City Market. This area is now known for being a sort of central hub for restaurants, art galleries, and shops. Back in the 1700’s, City Market was the central trade center for the community. Serving as a sort of marketplace, City Market was where locals would trade or sell foods and goods. Along with many reasons to go shopping, City Market is a beautiful part of Savannah’s Historic District and is full of local nostalgia. Taking a stroll through City Market to grab some sweets or check out the local art scene is an easygoing but interesting way to spend an afternoon with friends.

Every weekend, you’re sure to find some live music out in the middle of City Market. Savannah native artists and bands like to set up near the candy shop on Saturday night, not to mention all of the bands playing in the bars throughout the area. No matter what time you decide to visit, there is always some sort of performer or artist set up in the City Market area, adding to the general inventive vibe that encompasses Savannah. Meandering through this area is one way to really get to know the city and feel close to it’s history.

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Spa Bleu

Spa Bleu is one of the more natural options available for those looking to relax while visiting Savannah. Just down Bull St, Spa Bleu includes many rejuvenating options to choose from in the form of various spa packages and activities. Hoping to create the most calming and restful experience for visitors, Spa Bleu therapists utilize an array of techniques from around the globe. These outside influences and methods are utilized by employees who are dedicated to creating a flawless experience for visitors. Along with this skilled expertise, team members are equipped with ingredients and supplies gathered from all over – including local Savannah Bee Honey and Florida Oranges as ingredients used in the facial supplies. Not only are these organic supplies good for your body, but also the planet too.

Spa Bleu is the kind of place where you can rest easy knowing that you’re having a positive impact on the earth while enjoying an afternoon of pampering. This type of treatment is designed for the luxurious, and there is always a perfect package option for anyone interested in a visit. Couples, groups, and even solo parties can find the best schedule to suit their needs. Spend the day relaxing your face, body, and mind here with a staff who loves what they do and is dedicated to the customer 100%.

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