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Savannah Sip N’ Cycle welcomes you back to our blog, the one page you will want to bookmark to keep up with all things related to Downtown Savannah’s notorious Historic District. Newbies, return visitors and even locals are sure to find out something new when reading through all of the articles we have available. Are you looking for Vegan food? Entertainment on a Friday night? Cocktail deals throughout the week? Whatever activity you might be able to think of while planning a vacation in Savannah’s Historic District, there is sure to be a post full of information. Fair warning, you might end up clicking down a rabbit hole of awesome food, performers and history, much like what an actual walk through the city can feel like sometimes. When visiting Savannah, the first, second or 500th time around, this rabbit hole is one you won’t bore of easily.

During the upcoming months, Savannah will finally be cooling off as we wander into the somewhat Autumn-like season. Whatever Autumn is like for us here in Southeast Georgia, that is. Less humidity, colder mornings and the city that we love so much all provide the prime location for any family vacation, holiday celebration or event you have going on this year. Because of our steady approach to the cooler months, here on the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle blog, we wanted to step outside and see what options are available (other than the #PartyBike) that encourage walking through our beautiful Historic District. Read through to the end of this post to learn about the BEST way to explore the city in any weather with a ride on the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle. For now, let’s talk about something we’ve never covered before, bar crawls.

Savannah is one of those cities that is pretty walkable, or ride-able (on one of our Pedicabs or Party Bikes especially) and with all the bar/restaurant/venue options sitting 15 minutes away from each other in our “really big small town” you will want to take a slower walk so you can check everything out. Read through this article until the end to find out how to book a tour with us while you are here. There’s nothing more fun (and affordable) than a mini-trip with one of our drivers. For now, let’s take a look at the Bar/Pub Crawls going on in Savannah. If you have never “Bar-Crawled” before, don’t worry, all you have to do is visit various establishments, take advantage of the deals available and, have an awesome time hanging out with all of your friends! Seriously, that’s all you have to do. When you sign up for a bar crawl, you’re given a list of bars to hop on over to, enjoying special deals on drinks. Not only is this a fun way to explore Savannah, but it takes the guess work out of deciding where to go out dancing for the night. Read on to find out what Bar Crawls we love here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle!

Yes Queen Bar Crawl Tour Savannah Ga

Yes, Queen! Drag Queen Pub Crawl

4.4 ★
Beginning at El Rocko lounge and concluding with two stories of dance floor at Treehouse, the Yes, Queen! Drag Queen Pub Crawl is one experience that you won’t want to miss out on. Guided by a local Queen, your tour will be full of fun times as you wander through Historic City Market. Don’t hold back, take advantage of themed drink specials as you explore the city with your Queen, you’re sure to have a great time! This crawl is not for the boring or uninterested, only sign up if you want to rock out in the city we love!


Savannah Bar Crawl Logo

Savannah Bar Crawl

4.6 ★
Famous for offering great holiday themed tours such as October’s A Nightmare on Congress Street VIII, or December’s The Twelve Bars of Christmas, Savannah Bar Crawls is one of the most built up & official Bar Crawls Tours you can book in Savannah! Boasting events with a huge turnout, top highlight spots, and massive energy, Savannah Bar Crawls is the first place to check when looking for fun trip ideas for Bachelorette Parties, Group outings, or a fun night on the town!


Creep Crawl - Pub Crawl Savannah

Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour

4.6 ★
Proud to be the first of its kind in Savannah, the Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour has been entertaining since 1996. Open every night of the week, this is the crawl for those who are interested in learning a bit about our notoriously haunted city. Get to know Savannah’s beauty at night while taking advantage of drink specials over the two hours spent wandering. Sometimes, a scary story is not enough when you have a craving for something spooky. Get to know the city by finding out who came and actually never left while listening to tales of what sticks around and haunts us even when we aren’t in October.


Get A Clue Bar Crawl Savannah

Get A Clue Crawls

4.3 ★
Choose your favorite themed crawl with Get A Clue Crawls. Harry Potter, Decades, Gilmore Girls and Disney are only a handful of options to pick from when you host your party with Get A Clue. Fully customizable, this is not your every day bar crawl or scavenger hunt experience. Mixing the best of both worlds and specializing in birthday parties specifically, this is an event made for you and your group.



Now, Savannah is the type of city that likes to find excuses to make having a drink more fun any time we can find the chance. While visiting any of our bars is a treat within itself, a Bar Crawl is a solid way to get the most out of one evening in the city without having to plan where to go. Though we have only mentioned a couple of crawls here on the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle blog, there are many to choose from no matter what week, weekend, or holiday time frame you are wanting to experience. Enjoy no or reduced cover charges, drink specials and guides that know how to explore here in Downtown Savannah’s Historic District. Keep checking up on what themed crawls are being hosted in the area, you know we are always trying to find new excuses to dress up and celebrate.

Don’t forget the real reason you decided to take a browse through today’s article, other than finding out more awesome ways to have fun in Savannah. You came here to find out more about our Sip N’ Cycle party bike tour, right? Well even if you weren’t here for that reason initially, you will be clicking our FAQ section by the time you have finished reading.

Savannah Sip N’ Cycle is the cheapest way to hop on top of the #PartyBike and have the time (and tour) of your life. Gather up all of your friends and hop on top of the #PartyBike, an eco friendly way to ride around Savannah and not have to walk from place to place. Not only is this ride less work than walking, but it features Savannah’s ONLY mobile dance floor. When you take a ride with Savannah Sip N’ Cycle, you are getting more than a guided ride to bars that we can’t get enough of, you’re truly getting a view of the city that is as beautiful as it is exciting. There’s nothing quite like taking a ride with all of your friends AND stopping at 3-4 awesome bars. For 90 minutes, let all of your concerns go and just pedal when your guide tells you to. Don’t forget the best part about your ride, the one secret we love to share with you. Always ask your tour guide if there is anything you aren’t sure of. Locals in Savannah are always thrilled to share some advice to the wandering newbie and can usually clue you in on some spots we might not have covered yet here on the blog.

While you are here, don’t forget to do a few things for us. Don’t worry, they aren’t hard tasks and will make your life that much easier! First of all, bookmark the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle Blog page and check in regularly. Whether we are talking holiday celebration, drink specials or general updates on what Savannah has to offer, there is always something new to check out here on the blog. When you live in a city as eclectic as Savannah, there is a vast gray area of topics ready to be covered and we are hyped to do it. Second, if you are on Facebook or Instagram, your feed can only be improved by following/liking us on social media. Every day we post videos and pictures from the party bike and sometimes even jokes. Cycle lovers, tourists and people who enjoy positive posts will want to subscribe to our posts and stay up-to-date on what life looks like from atop the #PartyBike. Third and final task before we leave you to go stalk our social media or gobble up every article we have ever written is the best one. Trust us, you keep reading until you’ve learned all we have to teach about the city so far. Check your calenders and start to look for an open day so you can plan a ride with us on the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle. Our tickets start at just 25$ per rider, making us one of the cheapest tours that you can book in the city so there is no excuse to not consider us as an option for your trip. Nothing is quite as unforgettable as a mobile dance floor, you and your best friends AND a safe way to get around while having drinks at interesting bars all over the city of Savannah. We can’t wait to meet you and take a ride!