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Try out any of these restaurants in Savannah next time you’re wanting a hot bowl of soup. With the weather dropping for winter, there’s no better way to combat the cold than with a cozy visit to these establishments for anything from clam chowder to chunky stew.

Vic’s on the River Savannah Georgia

Vics on the River

4.5 ★
Known for the hospitable staff, high class menu, and full view of the Savannah River is our first mention of the article, Vics on the River. When you want all the ambiance of old Savannah with the perfect people watching seat, Vics on the River is there with a french onion soup that starts a menu full of seafood based favorites like she crab soup. Countless publications have named Vics on the River as one of the Historic District’s finest establishments to dine in. From the smiling southern charm served up by all staff members to the aesthetic beauty that comes with being housed in a historic warehouse, Vics on the River keeps the class at an all time high from the time you sit down. Try out their lunchtime service if you want to get in and out quickly without feeling as though you’re being rushed or plan to sit a while at dinnertime. From 11 am until 10 pm every evening, Vics on the River has more than enough to keep your group satiated for lunch, dinner, and any mealtime in between.


Flying Monkey Noodle Bar Savannah Ga Logo

Flying Monk Noodle Bar

4.5 ★
Something about knowing that the noodles were cut fresh makes the Flying Monk Noodle Bar on Broughton St even more impressive. Including dishes from all over Asia, the Flying Monk is reputed as having some of the best bang for your buck when regarding the quality of every meal that is served. Imported spices mix with locally sourced vegetables to create the broths and sauces for any of their pho selection. Not only does the Flying Monk keep pho, but choices like duck noodle soup are always worth a taste, especially if you have never tried duck soup before. Pick your protein from a list that includes gluten free and vegan options and get ready to experience flavor that is loud and satisfying from start to finish. From 11 am – 3pm and then 5-10 pm, Flying Monk Noodle Bar is waiting for you as part of the Broughton St experience. Sit next to the window if you’re interested in some prime people watching.


The Shrimp Factory Logo Savannah Ga

The Shrimp Factory

4.0 ★
Overlooking the river since their opening back in 1977, The Shrimp Factory is one of the Historic District’s favorite stops for a big bowl of gumbo. Look for the horizontally lined red and white awnings on the east end of River Street and stop by any day. They open around 11 each morning and close late every night so when you’re craving some shrimp, the answer is simple whether you’re interested in early lunch or late dinner. Housed in what was once an old warehouse, The Shrimp Factory is another stellar example of Savannah’s ability to keep historic buildings relevant regardless of how long they have been around. Sit down to a big bowl of shrimp and crab bisque at The Shrimp Factory and warm up with a view of the river, or live music if you come in on a Friday night. When you visit The Shrimp Factory for a meal you are participating in one of Savannah’s favorite traditions, eating a great meal. The historic charm of this building is just an extra perk, ambiance at no extra charge. From 11 am – 10 pm every night, The Shrimp Factory is ready to keep you out of the cold for a hearty meal served by happy staff.


Huey’s Logo Savannah


4.4 ★
Take a taste of New Orleans when you dine at Huey’s On The River inside of the River Street Inn. Cajun gumbo and French onion soup are the stars of this menu in particular, but you will want to browse through their menu and consider adding a po-boy to the meal. Seafood and soul food inspired by New Orleans make anyone’s experience at Huey’s feel like a party from appetizers to dessert. Once your main meal is finished, try an order of their “world famous” beignets and don’t skip the praline sauce drizzled on top. Open early every day, you can try Huey’s from 8 am – 9 pm for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Soup might not seem like a breakfast food but you can still give it a try as the gumbo and french onion soup are available on the morning menu. Otherwise, Huey’s is a satisfying treat for all potential meal or snack times. While you’re at it, look into staying overnight at the River Street Inn. Waking up to a view of historic Savannah is something like living in a fairytale and with the proximity to Huey’s, you can be sure that the meals will taste as magical as the city feels.


Debi’s Restaurant Logo Savannah Georgia

Alligator Soul

4.6 ★
Housed in what used to be a grain warehouse basement, Alligator Soul is the product of multiple attempts at this idea and we are thrilled that they finally settled down here in Savannah. Along with a menu stocked with seafood soul favorites, they have a Brunswick Gumbo that really has everything but the kitchen sink included in every bowl. Okra, Carolina gold rice, frog legs and sausage are only a small handful of what is included in the Brunswick Gumbo. Organic and locally sourced ingredients make the entire menu a Savannah special no matter what you end up choosing. Normally, we would tell you that the Brunswick Gumbo makes for an awesome addition to any meal but that would be quite the task to throw on to anyone. This hearty gumbo is more than enough to satisfy someone looking for an entire meal. Plan for multiple trips to Alligator Soul on Barnard St so you can get a chance to try more than one meal. They are open from 5-10 pm every day except Sunday so find out what new levels soul food can be taken to at Alligator Soul.


Bella’s Italian Cafe Logo Savannah

Bella’s Italian Cafe

4.5 ★
Midtown is an area that is all the fun of downtown Savannah without having to search so hard for parking, and it’s only a short drive down Abercorn. If you take a quick trip outside of the city, Bella’s Italian Cafe waits for you in the Habersham Shopping Center with a full menu of Italian style favorites. With the appetizer menu they have available, you could easily put together a filling meal with two or three starters like Joe’s Pasta, Bean, and Beef soup or the tomato cream soup. Both menu items are made fresh daily and are surprisingly filling even by themselves, but you will want to take advantage of as much of this menu as you can. To-go boxes are encouraged when the large servings fill you up quickly, Italian food can do that to you. Try out Bella’s Italian cafe for dinner any day from 5-9 pm and take a taste of Italy right here in Savannah. This area usually has plenty of parking right in front of the restaurant or very close by, yet another reason to make the short drive out of the Historic District.


Common Restaurant Logo Savannah Ga

Common Restaurant

4.3 ★
Don’t expect to find anything that could be identified with the word “common” at the Common Restaurant on east Broughton St. One glance at their menu might seem overwhelming at first, they have so many outstanding flavor combinations that you would not anticipate. Any situation is the right kind at Common Restaurant, like the “Pineapple Situation” fried rice or the white gumbo with cheese grits. What is common about the Common Restaurant is the building that this restaurant is housed in. Similar to many other businesses in the area, this one is housed in a historic building that has stood the test of time for nearly 150 years. Though your ultimate goal with visiting the Common Restaurant is to fill up on white gumbo, don’t let the historic value of the building be lost on your group. Open every day, you can visit the Common Restaurant from 2-9:30 pm or from 11:30-9:30 pm on the weekends to try out that white gumbo or any of the other more-than-common menu items that are always available.


Churchill’s Logo Savannah Georgia


4.4 ★
Located on Bay St, Churchill’s is another one of Savannah’s restaurants that provides you with a stellar view of our gorgeous river along with a menu full of food choices that will keep you feeling cozy even after you’ve left. Begin any meal with a bowl of french onion or “she crab” soup at Churchill’s, either one will have your taste buds going crazy for another bite. Add a sandwich to the mix to step this meal up, they even offer pulled pork or crab cake sliders, among plenty of other choices. There’s nothing quite like the relaxing atmosphere of Churchill’s British inspired ambiance, except for maybe the food that tastes even better than it looks. Any day that you want to visit a bar that feels like a step across the pond, Churchill’s is open from 11 am – 10 pm with three stories to explore and dine in. From the rooftop terrace to the wine cellar and the street level bar, there is always a cozy place waiting for guests at Churchill’s.


Six Pence Pub Savannah Ga

Six Pence Pub

4.5 ★
With plenty of reasons to talk about Six Pence Pub on Bull St, you won’t be surprised to notice that we make mention of this popular pub here at The Savannah Insider. British inspired, as you can tell from the big red phone booth sitting outside, Six Pence Pub feels like you’re walking right into a British bar. Sit down in this cozy spot and order a bowl of their French onion soup, the perfect appetizer to start off a meal like pot roast or a grilled salmon BLT. Take photos with the phone booth before you go in and ask the bartenders what their favorite drinks are. Six Pence Pub opens up at 11:30 am every day and remains open late. The cottage pie is known for being a showstopper that might make you need to loosen your belt. Ask about the soup of the day, or just stick to the French onion. At Six Pence Pub, they know exactly how to warm you up on even the coldest of bleary days.


Starland Cafe Savannah Ga Logo

Starland Cafe

4.7 ★
Rounding up the list is Starland Cafe in the Starland District. Always available on their menu, the Tomato Thai soup is well known in this area for the astounding flavors all mixed together in it. Fried squash and onions really amp up the flavor and they make it fresh every day, along with a new soup, stew, or chowder of the day. That’s right, they prepare something new at the beginning of each day with the common theme of being absolutely delicious. Closed on the weekends, you can visit this 41st St restaurant Monday through Friday from 11 am – 3 pm for breakfast or brunch. As part of the growing Starland District, you can be sure that this establishment is hip, fun, and full of employees that always give service with extra southern hospitality. Keep watch for the blue building that could be just another home in Savannah and don’t be too surprised when the inside looks nothing like what you’d expect.



While the weather gets colder throughout these upcoming winter months, you will not run out of restaurants that serve up a mean bowl of soup in Savannah. Keep reading articles from The Savannah Insider to find out all you need to know about eating, drinking, and hanging out in this wonderfully historic city. There’s nothing we don’t cover in regards to making sure you get to experience all that Savannah has to offer.