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While quarantine and social distancing continues, some of us are waking up to cabin fever and have been going stir crazy as a result. Though there seems to be no immediate end in sight, that does not mean we have to be isolated AND bored. Just because we can’t partake in ALL of the activities we once did, there are a few ways to enjoy a night of partying while remaining a safe distance away from the general public. Here at Sip N’ Cycle Savannah, we have taken the time to compile a list of 8 classic drinking games, rules altered for use over video chat.

Drink the Beer

Even if you’re not the type to enjoy game style drinking, there’s nothing wrong with just sitting in a group chat or Skype call, and having a beer or seven with friends. Rules are easy enough, drink the beer. If you look up and notice someone is not drinking the beer, you remind them to drink the beer. Simple, right? Let’s see how simple it is after you’ve been winning the race for an hour or two.

Truth or Drink

Can’t beat the classics with a slight twist on the old-school slumber party favorite. While truth-or-dare is still completely possible by way of Instagram and Snapchat stories, Truth-Or-Drink can get real funny, real fast. Just call up your favorite buddy or three and open up a group chat. Whoever gathered the group starts first. Pick a friend and ask, truth or drink? If they pick truth, ask whatever you want and they have to answer. If they do not want to answer the question upon hearing it, the asked has an option to finish their entire drink to avoid telling the truth. Get real or get wasted.

Up & Down the River

Regardless of what you decide to call it, this game is not for the new drinker. Begin with a deck of cards and draw. Your numbers dictate how often you drink for each round. 


Via CollegePartyGuru.com

The dealer then starts “Up the River” by turning over the first card in the deck. If a player has a card in front of them that is the same number (suit doesn’t matter) as the card turned over they must take one drink. If the player has multiple cards that are the same they must drink the number of cards that are the same.

The dealer continues “Up the River” by turning over the next card and the game plays the same way except this time the player must drink two drinks if their card is the same. The next deal the player has to drink three drinks and the last deal is four drinks. These cards should be dealt out next to each other not stacked on one another.

After the fourth card is dealt the dealer now goes “Down the River” by dealing the next card in the deck on top of the fourth card. This time any player that has a matching card GIVES four drinks away. They can give these drinks away any way they choose; four drinks to one play or one drink to for different players. Similar to before if a player has multiple cards that are the same they give away drinks based on the number of cards that match.

The dealer continues “Down the River” by dealing the next card in the deck on the third card that was dealt. If a player have a matching card they give three drink to other players. This then continues with the next card giving way two drink and the following card giving away one drink.

Lastly, the dealer starts turning over the cards over cards while counting from 1 (Ace) to 13 (King), if the card number turned over s the same in value as the count number then all players must drink that many drinks.

After all the cards are dealt that round is over. Shuffle, switch dealers and deal again to start another round. Gameplay continues until everyone is tired of the game or sick of drinking.

Beer Can Pyramid

Now this game could potentially outlast the quarantine if you allow it to. The rules are simple, make a pyramid out of beer cans once they are no longer full of beer. Start with a standard three stack and then see how far you can go with it. Cool points if you post a picture on the gram with #StayHome featured. Bonus points if your pyramid stays up despite having pets in the house.

Das Boot

Can be done alone or with friends, just be sure to turn the boot or at least sit far enough away from your electronics to avoid potentially dramatic spills. Also, this game gives you the excuse you were searching for to watch Beerfest again. Don’t lie, you know you want to. Simply put, Das Boot is the ultimate in simple drinking challenges. Find a glass boot, fill it to the top and then chug. Once the boot touches your lips, you must finish the entire drink. Sounds easy right? If your answer was “yes” then you obviously haven’t taken the challenge before.

Boat Race

Yet another excuse to watch Beerfest, this game was also featured in the film and is easily done by way of video chat. The term is actually and anagram for “Beer On A Table” and you must simply drink yours faster than your opponent. Points lost for spilled beers. This round can be as intricate as you’d like. Just place the beer on the table and go go go!

Edward 40-Hands

Normally, Edward 40-Hands requires help from a friend or partner but for the sake of staying safe and hygienic we have altered the rules just a smigde. Normally, one would have another person use duct tape to attach a 40 ounce drink of some sort (usually bottled but canned is fine too) to each of the participants hands. Who ever finishes both drinks entirely (without becoming sick) wins the game. In recognition of current events, we have decided to implement a “half” rule, leaving one hand open for the players involved. This game can be done with roommates, husbands, wives or even in an online chat. Just take a 40 ounce can or bottle of your choice drink, duct tape it to your hand (we suggest using the non dominant one) and see who finishes, gives up and keeps going after the round ends. (Side Note: Quoting lines from Edward Scissorhand’s is not only allowed but encouraged.) If you want to amp up the rules, insert a muted mic rule. No one is allowed to communicate vocally, only by typing with one hand or a charade of sorts. Be sure to hashtag #20Hands and #StayHome to see who else is trying this one out.

Never Have I Ever

Let us all look back fondly on just how terrifying a round or two of this game was back when your crush was sitting beside you at the party. Never Have I Ever is a group activity that gets only as weird as the people playing it so choose wisely. Begin by saying “Never Have I ever” and then insert something you’ve never done. If someone in the circle has experience with the activity mentioned, they drink. Be careful who you pick for this round, it can get hilarious or awkward depending.


Because “Buffalo” does not have to include alcohol, it gains special mention on our list for anyone at any time. When playing Buffalo, all players agree to only drink/eat by using their non-dominant hand. If caught using their dominant limb, any player may call “Buffalo” on that person and if correct in the call, that player must finish the entire cup/bowl/etc of whatever liquid in question. Only rule is this, do not call on a player holding something like glass cleaner. Coffee, soup, salsa, whatever. As long as the glass/bowl is filled with something non-toxic, Buffalo is a game that virtually does not have to end. In fact, it last the rest of your life!


Via Buffalodrinkinggame.beer

  1. Between midnight and noon a player may not drink with their left hand.
  2. Between noon and midnight a player may not drink with their right hand.
  3. If someone spots a player drinking with the wrong hand, they call Buffalo on the player and that player must finish their drink as quickly as possible.
  4. Buffalo may be called on a player from when they drink with their wrong hand until they drink without their wrong hand or the drink runs out.
  5. Buffalo is played for life, and the rules are valid anywhere, anytime, and with any alcoholic beverage.
  6. The mere act of alcohol touching lips is enough to be considered drinking.
  7. If a player calls buffalo on a player who did not drink with the wrong hand, the one calling buffalo has to finish half of their own drink. This is called “false buffalo”.


Here in the city of Savannah, we are known for hosting an array of bars and pubs. Without a spot to knock back a few cold ones, the locals have been resorting to actually… drinking at home (cue audible gasp) but that does not have to be a boring experience. We here at Sip N’ Cycle just want to remind everyone to stay safe and sane during the quarantine. Stay tuned for more interesting ways to stay entertained and isolated.