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If you need to stop for a bite to eat in Savannah without spending an outrageous amount of money, pick from any of these places to get your money’s worth without having to buy off of a dollar menu. Savannah has so many stellar restaurants that are cheap too, you won’t have to open your wallet too far to enjoy a meal here.

Betty Bomber’s Logo Savannah

Betty Bomber’s

4.5 ★
All the locals know that when you want to eat on a budget in downtown Savannah, Betty Bomber’s is the place to be. From the ambiance of oldschool war paraphernalia to the menu stocked with all your classic favorites, Betty Bomber’s is like a trip back in time complete with the old style root beer float served in a big, frosty glass. Order a beef or garden burger, a salisbury snake sandwich, some fries or onion rings and make sure to save room for dessert. For less than 20$ per person, anyone can find a full plate’s worth of food at Betty Bomber’s. The best part about this little spot has to be their proximity to the American Foreign Legion post 135. Located inside of the same building, the Legion is known by all for their cheap drinks and no frills sense of comradery. Once you sit down at either Betty Bomber’s or the American Foreign Legion, you can rest easy knowing that every order will yield more than your money feels worth. From 11 am – 9 pm Monday through Saturday (5-9 pm on Sundays) the fun staff at Betty Bomber’s is always waiting to give the greatest service imaginable.


The Palace Diner on Abercorn Logo Savannah Georgia

The Palace Diner on Abercorn

4.0 ★
Over the years, this little diner on Abercorn St has gone through a number of names and revamps. This particular renaissance era has even long time fans of The Palace Diner excited to visit all over again. With a brand new menu and servers that are always thrilled to see new guests walking in, The Palace Diner on Abercorn is an adorable retro style diner that stays open late every night. From 7 am – 2 am most nights, all you have to do is take a short drive down Abercorn to order a few plates of breakfast and dinner favorites like omelets or cheeseburgers. The pancake breakfast is always known to fill up even the heartiest of appetites. Top off your meal no matter what time of day you have chosen with a shake that is hand mixed. Locals know that The Palace Diner on Abercorn is always packed on Friday nights because they have so many options even when you’re winding down from a night out partying downtown. They are open seven days a week because The Palace Diner on Abercorn knows that hunger doesn’t take any days off.


Vinnie Van Go Go’s Logo Savannah

Vinnie Van Go Go’s

4.5 ★
You don’t have to miss out on New York style pizza just because you’ve found yourself in Savannah for vacation or work. Vinnie Van Go Go’s is one of City Market’s top rated cheap restaurants, serving slices of pizza that are usually too big to eat with one hand. At Vinnie Van Go Go’s on W Bryan St, the dough is prepared fresh every night to be served fresh every day. Fresh grated mozzarella and parmesan only add to what is already a flawless pie. Long time Savannah residents will remember the days of this restaurant being cash only, One thing that hasn’t changed is the delivery service. If you’re staying anywhere in the Historic District, you can place an order with Vinnie’s and know your food will arrive in a timely fashion by way of bicycle delivery. Don’t worry about your pizza getting shaken up, these drivers have been navigating Savannah on two wheels for quite some time now. From 11:30 am – 3 pm, then 4 – 10 pm, Vinnie Van Go Go’s is the place to be for a quick slice of pizza any day of the week.


Sakura Buffet logo savannah ga

Sakura Buffet

4.2 ★
When everyone in your group has a taste for something a little different than the standard burgers and pizza, Sakura Buffet is not far from downtown Savannah. Only about fifteen minutes from the Historic District, you can find this buffet right next to the thrift store on Eisenhower Dr. Actually, the Sakura Buffet is only a stone’s throw away from The Palace Diner on Abercorn. Cheap eating can be found all over the place while you’re in this area. Pay a flat rate and gain access to the sushi bar, hibachi grill, and a wide array of other dishes ranging from lo mein to macaroni and cheese. Even picky children will be happy to see selections like chicken nuggets and pizza. Adults can fill up on coconut shrimp, lo mein, sushi, or come up with their own platter of hibachi made right on the spot at Sakura Buffet. If you’re really dedicated to the art of saving a few bucks, don’t forget that they are located right next to a thrift store. With Sakura Buffet, you can turn a shopping date with lunch included into an experience that costs everyone less than 40$ per person.


Sweet Spice Restaurant Logo Savannah Georgia

Sweet Spice Restaurant

4.3 ★
Finding good Caribbean food in Savannah is as simple as driving to Waters Ave to Sweet Spice, a restaurant that has been around for over ten years now. This menu has all the best goodies on it from shrimp to curry and oxtails that can’t be beat. All for under 20$ you can order large plates that are meant to require a to-go box. This is a casual spot, no need to dress up unless that’s what you want. Sweet Spice Restaurant is thrilled to serve all of Savannah, hoping to turn any and everyone into Jamaican Food lovers. Try the goat, trust us. Though it might seem a tad offbeat at first, one bite at Sweet Spice Restaurant will have you turned into a believer. Closed only on Sundays, Sweet Spice Restaurant invites you to come in from 11 am – 8 pm. Check out the Open Face Bob Marley Burrito for an interesting take on the burrito that is unique to this particular restaurant.


Debi’s Restaurant Logo Savannah Georgia

Debi’s Restaurant

4.5 ★
Even the platters at Debi’s Restaurant don’t cause a big dent in the wallet, this charming little spot on Bay St knows how to pack a plate. Normally, an outing that includes a meal on Bay Street is not within the realm of a cheap budget but Debi’s aims to change that vibe. Located inside of the East Bay Inn on Bay, Debi’s Restaurant takes pride in being a smaller, more cozy restaurant that feels like a trip right into your own dining room. For breakfast or lunch, Debi’s Restaurant is open from 8 am – 2:30 pm throughout the entire week. When you need to start your day right for around twenty dollars per person, Debi’s Restaurant is always serving omelet’s, burgers, crab sandwiches and more. This good, old fashioned style cooking keeps the number of regulars growing with every plate sold. Become the latest regular to make Debi’s Restaurant one of your main spots to eat when you’re in Savannah’s Historic District.


The Breakfast Place Logo Savannah Ga

The Breakfast Place

4.1 ★
Not too far outside of the Historic District, The Breakfast Place on Victory Dr is the kind of establishment that always seems to look crowded, but that never takes away from how quickly your food will arrive. Feeding the masses is an easy task for this staff and they take even the most modified orders in stride, keeping your coffee full every step of the way. Next time you’re in the mood for breakfast, consider going to The Breakfast place on any day of the week from 6 am – 3 pm. While this menu is not considered a “dollar” menu, there is a fair amount to be found for less than ten dollars at The Breakfast Place and their servings are always larger than expected. From omelets to burgers and all the standard breakfast/lunch meal choices, The Breakfast Place’s multi-page menu keeps this area fed. They even have a knack for adding shrimp and fish to hashbrown platters and other breakfast classics. With our proximity to the ocean, The Breakfast Place is really taking advantage of what is normally a simple menu and stepping it up a notch.


Ole Times Country Buffet Logo Savannah Georgia

Ole Times Country Buffet

4.3 ★
Southern food is known for being filling, comfortable, and easy to eat. Ole Times Country Buffet understands that when a family wants to enjoy a meal together, they don’t need to be held back with a lack of options. When you’re in a mood to eat until your buttoned pants start to feel a little uncomfortable, just look for the big blue building on Stephenson Ave and come on into the Ole Times Country Buffet. Get your fill on mashed potatoes, pot roast, cooked to order steak and a huge dessert setup. On the weekends, Old Times Country Buffet features a breakfast buffet where the line cooks will whip up the exact omelet that you want. There’s no such thing as too much or too little of something that you love to chow down on at Ole Times Country Buffet. Heck, people have been going to this restaurant for events as important as Thanksgiving since they opened. Always open throughout the week, you can bring the whole family to Ole Times Country Kitchen Buffet from 10:30 am – 9 pm every day.


Fire Street Food Savannah Ga Logo

Fire Street Food

4.5 ★
Enjoy a more upscale version of Asian style dining than the average Chinese food buffet by visiting Fire Street Food right next to Chippewa Square on Cherry St. Sushi, street food, sandwiches, and salads all make for a varied menu that sits within most budgets. You might be surprised to see plates that are usually more than thirty dollars per person for much less than that. Sit down at one of the higher set tables and bask in the ambiance of this fancy, but not too fancy eatery that offers discounts to other Savannah based food service employees. From 11 am – 10 pm at least, Fire Street Food keeps a steady crowd throughout every day and will have you craving a visit to them at least once a week once you’ve tried the teriyaki tofu or a Forsyth roll. Their salads are worth a try too, there’s something about that ginger dressing that has meat eaters even asking for another serving of greens.


Sly’s Sliders & Fries Logo

Sly’s Sliders and Fries

4.7 ★
Ending this particular list is Sly’s Sliders and Fries on Abercorn St, a restaurant that might sound simple by the name but is anything but that. Award winning sliders and hand cut fries are only the start of Sly’s menu, they even have high end hot dogs covered in toppings you might not have thought of before. From “The Windy City” dog to the “Lil Sandy” sandwich, Sly’s Sliders and Fries offers cheap deals on small portion plates that the locals here seem to love. Since their opening almost ten years ago, Sly’s Sliders and Fries has received recognition from major publications like the New York Times and Woman’s Day for the quality served with every single slider and dog. Closed only on Wednesdays, Sly’s is open from 11 am – 9 pm during the rest of the week. Pick your protein, dress it up, and chow down on some of Sly’s Sliders and Fries while sticking to the budget.



We can’t resist a great deal here at The Savannah Insider and all of these restaurants are known for taking your budget and working with it. Don’t forget to look back to our “Happy Hour” article to find out even more ways to save at bars around Savannah and maybe even browse the articles tab in general. Topics from food to entertainment and everything in between are covered by us at CycleSavannah.com so that you don’t have to spend too much time researching before a visit to Savannah.