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Welcome to the Savannah Sip N Cycle Blog, your one stop shop for all the information you need to plan the best vacation in Savannah, Georgia. Here at Savannah Sip N Cycle, we are particularly fond of Downtown Savannah’s Historic District and once you spend the day with us, you will have no problem understanding why. Read on to find out where some of our favorite history lessons can be found. From buildings to squares, this city is dripping with a potentially fascinating story in every corner. Be sure to take photos when you go for a visit and use the #CycleSavannah hashtag to let us know we sent you!

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

4.6 ★
First up on the list is the birth place of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts. Located on Oglethorpe street, the Gordon Low house has been a regular flock spot for Girl Scouts from all over the world. Take a tour and purchase some Girl Scout mementos while learning about one of the world’s most well known organizations. There’s plenty to learn from the moment you step inside. You might be surprised to see the history of how this group has grown into the massive force we know it to be now.


Bonaventure Cemetery Savannah Logo

Bonaventure Cemetery

4.7 ★
You might have heard of this slightly more than iconic cemetery, whether it be from a movie or written version of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil or because of how vast it is. Covering the span of 160 acres, one single visit to this location just won’t cut it. Take your trip down Bonaventure Road and walk through hundreds of years in historic value. Names that you recognize, names that you don’t, there’s enough to stare at through the entire trip. Music lovers will appreciate that Johnny Mercer can be found laid to rest on the property.

From dawn til dusk, bring a map and try your hardest not to get lost, even locals can have a tough time navigating sometimes.


Telfair Academy Museum Savannah Logo

Telfair Academy Museum

4.6 ★
Unmistakable to even those who have never seen the building, the Telfair Academy Museum building is worth a stop if only to take photos of the statues out front. Open from 10 am – 5 pm every day, you can find this over 200 year old historic site on Barnard street downtown. Immerse yourself in art in the form of sculptures, paintings, paper works and decorative pieces from around the world. With so much to be learned in one single building, you won’t need to plan for anything else. Bonus points if you post photos of the statues on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #CycleSavannah. We’d love to know if we sent you!


Fort Pulaski

4.8 ★
Locals will remember the many field trips and after school activities being hosted at Fort Pulaski over the years. A visit to this particular fort is standard when considering the list of historic locations all over Savannah. From 9 am – 5 am any day your heart desires, make plans to stick around Fort Pulaski and learn all about the civil war while immersing yourself in classic architecture. Taking a moment to walk through the museum before touring the fort is imperative. With the size that this structure covers, you’re sure to get lost if you don’t have a plan beforehand. Drawbridges, moats and tunnels are only a handful of neat details waiting to be discovered by you. This is the perfect trip for a family, everyone is bound to learn something fascinating. If you’re unsure of how to find this place, just keep at it until you find Fort Pulaski Road, you won’t have to look too hard.



4.5 ★
Any list of Savannah’s best (when considering historic and aesthetic beauty) would not be complete without making mention of Wormsloe. Featured in countless paintings, photos and even the occasional movie/tv show, the Wormsloe Historic Site is unmistakable once you make first eye contact with the moss covered trees. Prime spot for all of your photography needs, Wormsloe is somehow able to encompass every part of why we love to visit Savannah. From the Spanish moss that drips off of each tree to the vast amount of land to explore, Wormsloe is as beautiful as it is informative. If you have plans in the works to create photos at this spot, take a moment to peruse their website and find out about permits beforehand. Hours are 9 am – 4:45 pm strict, so be sure to prepare in advance for this trip.


Georgia State Railroad Museum Savannah Logo

Georgia State Railroad Museum

4.5 ★
Not only is the Georgia State Railroad Museum one of the prime locations to gain knowledge in Savannah, this location will occasionally pose as a music venue, having hosted events like Savannah Stopover in the past. With a city so fueled by art as Savannah is, you never know what historic building will play host to the varying styles of performance that we love so much. Take in more information than any sane brain could hold at the Georgia State Railroad Museum while basking in a setting of historic architectural beauty from 9 am – 4 pm any day.



Munch on some of Savannah’s best food while sitting in culure-drenched historical sites. Many of Savannah’s long time favorite restaurants are housed in buildings stocked full of historic significance. Here are a couple of local eating establishments where you can fill up on awesome food and take in a lesson at the same time.

The Pirates House Savannah Georgia Logo

The Pirate’s House

4.3 ★
First of all, one thing you need to know about The Pirate’s House in Savannah is that they are also your new favorite location to celebrate Christmas. Along with their every day menu and plenty of historic value for your appreciation, locals know that The Pirate’s House Christmas buffet is one of the best meals you will have in a year. On a regular day though, come in and sit a spell right where the pirates used to. Being right on the Savannah River meant that this restaurant was once an inn that saw the likes of many sailors and pirates over the years. Take a stroll down Broad Street from 11 am – 9 pm every day to find The Pirate’s House and sing sea shanty’s along the way, or don’t. Either way, pirate lovers can’t get enough.


The Olde Pink House Savannah Ga Logo

The Olde Pink House

4.6 ★
Built in 1771, The Olde Pink House has always been a popular stop for residents and visitors alike. Rumored to be haunted by prior owner James Habersham Jr, this building has a fair amount of tales to tell. Take in some southern hospitality with a side of history at The Olde Pink House on Abercorn. If you’re on the search for some live music, you can even wander down into the cellar where they are constantly hosting shows.



17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant Savannah Ga

17Hundred90 Inn

4.6 ★
Attention to detail is what the 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant takes ultimate pride in, whether it’s to the name pronunciation (do not forget to mention the “hundred” when telling the tale) or each plate sent out. Regularly voted as Savannah’s “most haunted” inn, there’s no guarantee that you won’t end up with another guest in your midst, even if they don’t need a chair pulled up. Only available for dinnertime, make your reservation for sometime between 5:30 – 8 pm. You could say this location is presidential, and you wouldn’t be entirely incorrect. President Street has housed this infamous Inn for longer than any living person could remember and can’t wait to have you as a guest!


Abes on Lincoln Savannah Ga Logo

Abe’s on Lincoln

4.5 ★
One of Savannah’s oldest bars in the city, Abe’s on Lincoln is well, on Lincoln and you will want to take a second for this particular watering hole. Favorite of the locals, Abe’s has a certain charm that would be hard to recreate, if not time consuming. Covering every inch of available wall space, you’ll find doodles of Abe Lincoln, 16th president of the United States. What is rumored to have started as a man who couldn’t pay for his drink bartering with an exquisite drawing of Abe has turned into a living work of art. Tourists and Savannah natives alike are always ready to take on their own interpretation, meaning you will never find this bar appearing the same way twice. Take a minute to seek out every version of this past president that you might not have thought of before. From Zombie Lincoln to Spongebob Lincoln and everything in between, you’re interacting with an active piece of history at Abe’s on Lincoln from 4 pm – 2 am every day except Sunday.


Clary’s Cafe Savannah Ga Logo

Clary’s Cafe

4.6 ★
Final stop on the list is Clary’s Cafe, known for much more than the “Elvis” style stuffed French toast, even if we are pretty hyped up about that particular plate and everything else on the menu. If you ever find yourself on the corner of E. Jones and Abercorn from 8 am – 2 pm, you will be missing out if you don’t stop by. Do not let the crowd/line deter you, Clary’s is always busy and the service never suffers because of it. Since opening as a drug store way back in the 1930’s, Clary’s has remained an essential piece of Savannah, even having been mentioned in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, book and movie. Furry friends (dogs) are even encouraged to come in and hang out a while. Step back in time when you take your brunch at Clary’s and see why even late risers want to wake up early for a plate at Clary’s.



So there you have it, some of our favorite places to enjoy a history lesson or two while in Savannah. Don’t let this list fool you though, Savannah is one of those cities so full up of historic significance that one compilation couldn’t possibly cover every available option. No matter where you turn in this place, there’s a bit of something that hasn’t been altered in 100 years and here at Savannah Sip N Cycle, we are always jazzed to tell you about it.

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