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Are you ready for spring in Savannah? Have you been wondering what to do with your time now that the weather has been warming up? One trip to our favorite city’s Historic District will have you craving some outdoor fun in any way possible. Keep on reading to find out where to plan for dinner if you’d like to take in some of our lovely weather while enjoying a nice meal. When the skies are clear, you won’t have to search for very long. Seems like everyone in south Georgia wants to take their plate on the porch, especially when the plates are stocked with food from any of the restaurants on our list.

Zunzi’s Logo Savannah Georgia


4.7 ★
Known favorite to locals all over Savannah, including a few of our #PartyBike hosts, Zunzi’s is affordable and tasty. Known for their awesome drinks, great outdoor seating and proximity to everything downtown, Zunzi’s is where you will find most of the city’s local employees stopping in for lunch at least once a week. You can find this gem on Drayton St, only a short walk away from the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Come in at the right time (6-9 pm) and enjoy some live music with the iconic menu. From 11 am – 11 pm Monday through Sunday, Zunzi’s is the place to fill up without emptying your wallet.


The Grove Logo Savannah Georgia

The Grove

4.1 ★
City Market is home to quite the vast variety of restaurants, bars, venues and much more. Regardless of the direction you’re focusing on, there are countless locations that will catch your eye and The Grove is no exception. If the rooftop bar does not draw your attention, the honey jalapeno fries should be enough of a tease to draw you in. Southern style bar food feels elevated, and not just because you’re sitting on the high deck. Plan to make your way towards W Congress St for a meal and drinks at The Grove any day from 11 am – 12 am (2 am for weekend nights) and see what makes this location one of Savannah’s most talked about.


Vic’s on the River Savannah Georgia

Vic’s on the River

4.5 ★
River Street is the kind of road that is packed with all the restaurants, bars, shopping, and desserts you could ask for on one side, with one heck of a view on the other. There’s no going wrong when you decide to sit down for lunch at any River Street restaurant, especially somewhere like Vic’s On the River. Housed in a historic warehouse, their charming building fits right in with Savannah’s classic aesthetic. Try out the fried green tomatoes for a taste of southern cooking that is a staple addition to any table but don’t fill up too much. Leaving plenty of room for any of their seafood platters is the important part. Any day of the week, you and your party can stop by Vic’s on the River from 11 am – 10 pm. Enter in through the coffee shop on Bay St and sit down to a meal that is unforgettable no matter how many times you’ve been.


Sentient Bean Savannah Ga Logo

Sentient Bean

4.4 ★
We’ve talked about the Sentient Bean on Park Ave before here on The Savannah Insider, but that doesn’t mean we can’t brag about them again. Some of Savannah’s best locally sourced coffee, Vegan food and even the occasional live music are all waiting for you at The Sentient Bean. From 7 am – 7 pm every day, you can grab a coffee or smoothie and sit out back in their small courtyard. With its close proximity to Forsyth Park, the Sentient Bean is a prime location for grabbing a cup of joe and a breakfast burrito before taking a walk through the park to enjoy some local artists. Before you scoff at the idea of Vegan food, give the burrito a try. Their tofu scramble is legendary, even meat eaters will find themselves craving some Bean food. For some extra variety, you can grab a sandwich from their partner business next door (Brighter Day) and pair up with a drink from the bean. Truly, there is no better lunch combo on the cheap end of Savannah’s culinary treats.


Common Restaurant Logo Savannah Ga

Common Restaurant

4.3 ★
The Common Restaurant on Broughton St is anything but “regular” even by comparison to the many buildings in Savannah’s Historic District. Located right in the heart of things, Common Restaurant is right up the street from The Olde Pink house, you can’t miss it unless you try. Sit outside with any meal off of their regularly changing menu and take in views of Broughton St and The Marshall House Inn. Everything they serve is locally sourced and prepared by some of the highest quality chefs that Savannah has to offer. Throughout the week, you can plan for dinner from 3 pm – 9:30 pm. Friday through Sunday, 10 am is the opening time so take advantage of lunch at Common Restaurant if you happen to be in the area. Trust us when we say, there is nothing “common” about this spot.


Plant Riverside Logo Savannah Ga

Myrtle & Rose

4.5 ★
Once you take a walk through Savannah’s Plant Riverside District, becoming distracted by the beauty in that area is almost guaranteed. One way to truly take advantage of Savannah’s scenic beauty is to find a rooftop for your lunch, dinner, or drinks. Sitting on top of River Street’s JW Marriott Hotel is Myrtle & Rose, the (literal) top floor garden that was directly inspired by the muses of classic mythology. Fragrant cocktails, light and shareable appetizers and a uniquely tall view of the Savannah River all combine for one unforgettable experience at Myrtle & Rose. If you’re already taking a room at the Marriott, there’s really no way to beat the commute. As their hours throughout the week vary, you will want to visit their website before stepping into the elevator.


The Perch Savannah Georgia 2

The Perch

4.6 ★
Surrounded by oak trees and full of that quaint Savannah Charm, The Perch is settled perfectly into Bull St. What makes the location so prime has to be their top notch view of Forsyth Park from any of their rooftop tables. Make your way over to Local 11ten and get seated up top even during the winter months. Don’t worry, they keep heaters nearby to ensure an enjoyable atmosphere. Check out their expansive and unique menu, you will want a full appetite with this one. Though they are closed on Monday and Tuesday, you can plan for a wonderful time from 5:30 – 9 pm during the rest of the week.


Crystal Beer Parlor Logo Savannah Georgia 2

Crystal Beer Parlor

4.6 ★
Have you heard of Jones St yet? Known for being one of Savannah’s most beautiful roads (and that’s saying something) Jones St is home to more than just picture perfect spots for your Snapchat story. Housed in a historic building that was once the Gerken Family Grocery Store, Crystal Beer Parlor is one of those restaurants that always seems to be busy even though there is not usually a wait. Quality food at great prices is what keeps Crystal Beer Parlor so packed at any given time, except Mondays when the restaurant is closed. Any other day of the week though, you can make plans for lunch, dinner, or drinks from 11 am – 9 pm. For the vegetarian in your group, make sure they try out the house made garden burger.


Starland Yard Logo Savannah Georgia 2

Starland Yard

4.7 ★
Live music, bar food, and plenty of space for your whole party, these are just a few reasons to take a trip to Starland Yard for an afternoon in the sunlight. Composed of many storage units, this eclectic little spot is everything we love about the up and coming Starland District. Don’t worry about trying to find this venue, there’s no missing the giant units sitting together on De Soto Ave. Whether you are eating at the close by Vittoria Pizzeria or have planned for one of their many food truck based days, Starland Yard is one great way to have a meal outside in Savannah. The fact that there are games constantly ready for use is just icing on top of this whole cake. During the week, you can plan for dinner as their regular hours are from 5 – 10 pm.


Fox and Fig Cafe Logo Savannah Georgia 2

Fox and Fig Cafe

4.7 ★
Another one of our favorites to mention here on the blog, Fox and Fig Cafe on Habersham St is more than just a premier location for plant based food and local creative displays. Known by all who visit for their large courtyard, live music and unique coffee menu, Fox and Fig is one of those local spots that keeps a wide variety of revolving customers. Sit outside and enjoy your locally sourced coffee from 9 am – 8 pm every day out of the week. Show up on Sunday sometime and check out the brunch menu for a real treat at the end of your work week. Show up any day and get yourself lost in the displays of art pieces made by local creators. With their regularly changing selection of wall art and live musicians, there is always something new to experience that Fox and Fig.


Green Truck Pub Savannah Ga Logo

Green Truck Pub

4.7 ★
Last but certainly not least, we had to make mention of Green Truck Pub on Habersham St. Regularly mentioned here on The Savannah Insider, Green Truck Pub is the place where dietary restrictions come out to rejoice loudly. Whether it be the Vegan chili “non-carne” that calls you, or the ability to switch out any burger patty for the meat substitute variety, everyone can be as picky as they’d like at Green Truck Pub. Gluten free, vegetarian and not lacking in any bit of flavor, Green Truck is one of Savannah’s great treasures and all of the locals would gladly agree with that statement. Though they need to take a break on Sundays, any other day of the week you can swing by from 11:30 am – 10 pm for some burgers and fries.



Now that you know more about Savannah’s outdoor seating in regards to restaurants, you have probably got some outings to plan. There is really nothing better than a cool drink, great food and even better company when you have a beautiful day to look forward to. Before you go, don’t hesitate to click around our “Articles” tab to find out what we have already talked about. Here at The Savannah Insider, our business is Savannah’s business and we have plenty to share with you. From places to stay, where to eat, and everything in between, CycleSavannah.com always has the answers to your Savannah based questions.

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