Written by Abstract Samm

Whether you’re discussing an old episode of Charmed, contemplating life’s biggest questions, or interacting with a math problem, you should already be somewhat familiar with the “Power of Three” concept. History, math and mass media in general have proven that there is not only balance in this particular number but also strength. Just like the Charmed Ones, musical trios formed in Savannah are a true force to be reckoned with. While there are bands of every size around here, from solo acts to full orchestral organizations, there is something to be said about three people getting together and creating music that has the same, if not more levels than groups with at least five members.

Anywhere you walk on a typical Savannah evening, you’re bound to hear live music, that is just one of many things we pride ourselves on here. Savannah’s Historic District has been fostering bands from Barrelhouse to Bay Street Blues and around the corner since before Taylor Swift was even learning how to strum her first chord. If you can think of a certain genre, there is bound to be a solo artist or group in the area that is ready to rock your preferences, or set the stage for favorites that you didn’t even know you had yet.

This week, we here at Sip & Cycle Savannah are going to be harnessing the power of three for our locals and show off a few epic three person groups that rock this town every chance they get, and show no sign of stopping, despite having to adhere to new social standards. There’s not much that can come between these folk and what they love, creating epic music for those of us who are less than naturally skilled but are still great listeners. Coming from a local guitarist who can’t seem to learn more than three chords at a time, we thank you for the effort.

Lulu the Giant

When compiling a list of local music makers, Lulu the Giant seems to be one of the most consistent group names. If you stop any music lover that has resided in Savannah for any amount of time, you’re guaranteed to get an earful about this group of musicians. Known for a stage presence that is beyond extraordinary, this folk/blues/jazz/soul trinity has kept Savannah’s music scene alive in a way that is truly unmatched by those surrounding. Along with being featured in the setup of Savannah Stopover, Lulu the Giant can be easily found in bars and venues around the city.

Consisting of Savannah native Rachael Shaner on lead vocals and upright bass, Alex Bazemore with lead guitar and Daniel Malone rocking the drums and back up vocals, 2/3 of this group are originally from southeast Georgia but the sound is nothing like what you’re used to hearing from the area.

Along with fronting a band that is widely respected throughout the community, Rachael Shaner is the type of human that we never really deserved to begin with. She is understood to be a loud voice in the creative community, fighting for the rights of artists big and small. You may find her at a variety of public meetings, never scared to speak up for the artistic side of Savannah. Not only is she head of a trio that is well past respected by listeners and musicians alike, she is just a generally bad ass human.

Look out for their Quarantine Concert series at quarantineconcerts.org

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Generally speaking, Xuluprophet is known for hosting the genre of “Swamp Music” and has a flair for the intense. Throwing a live show like no other, Xulu Jones, Oisin Daily and Rhett Coleman are a group of funky guys who have been together for a lot of years and will be together for many more to come. With Oisin and Xulu sharing the responsibility of guitar, bass and vocals, and Rhett keeping the beat, there is more going on musically between these men than you could begin to imagine. If ever there was a band that could truly encompass the overall vibe of being someone who resides in Savannah, Xuluprophet has to be the one. Known for being a driving force that keeps the Psychedelic scene alive, this funk/reggae/rock group is not just three friends with talent but a whole vibe that has become synonymous with the Savannah Music scene in a general sense. Along with having a reputation for being badass on stage, Xuluprophet has a social media presence that is worth a follow or like. Front man Xulu Jones is widely understood to be loud, honest and informative with his specific style of media coverage, definitely not for the easily offended.

If you’re looking for an act that utilizes a vast array of classic funk elements in a way that is fresh and exhilarating, Xuluprophet is worth your time. Find their music on Spotify, YouTube and any other streaming service or you can just go check them out on August 1st at Huc A Poos downtown.

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Eric Culberson

Blues Blues and more Blues. The Eric Culberson Band has been a local legend around here since the 80’s and will continue this tradition until the day the music dies (ha, see what I did there?). Featuring members Johnathan Hill (bass), Larry Duff (drums) and Eric Culberson (guitar/vocals), this many hit trio has a knack for putting on live shows that are quite unmatched by any others. Stage presence seems to be something that Eric was just born with, you’ll never see another musician more comfortable in front of a live audience.

With fan favorites like, “I came from the blues” and “Broken family blues”, The Eric Culberson Band just seems to get what the blues are made of and has no problem showing off their skills on stage. Telling stories from the past in a way that is relateable and fun to listen to, The Eric Culberson Band just keeps on kicking butt in the local music scene and we are happy because of it!

Voted to be “Savannah’s Best All-Around Musician” for a straight four years running, front man Eric Culberson is not only incredibly talented, but just a likable guy in general. Don’t ever ask him for an interview unless you’re prepared to laugh through the entire experience, he is quite the joker whether on air or behind the scenes. If you can get him to hold a straight face and not crack wise throughout an interview, let me know the secret.

The Eric Culberson band can be found haunting locations like the Bayou Cafe, Warehouse and Huc A Poos on any given weekend.

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Honorable Mentions

Now, don’t get it twisted, these three trios are not all that Savannah has to offer when considering local musical talent. They just happen to have made the spotlight for this week’s post. Here at Savannah Sip & Cycle, we want to show off what makes the city a great place to visit and the resident bands do just that. No matter how many members are in each band, there is something to be said for the folk that make a choice to navigate the vast music scene that makes downtown Savannah such a unique location. This city is understood to be home to any genre, generation and sound that you could possibly come up with. Without local music, the city would have no soul and we are thrilled to be allowed the privilege of showing off just what makes us a noteworthy stop on any music lover’s list. Who says that a band needs more than three members to have a full sound? Not the locals of Savannah, that’s for sure.

Though these bands I’m about to list are not trios, I am thrilled to give an honorable mention to some of the Georgia local tribute bands I’ve stumbled upon. From Fleetwood Mac to Green Day, Toby Keith and back to start, there seems to be no limit to what extent fans will go, to show support for the artists that they love. We here at Savannah Sip & Cycle, always appreciate the extra work being put in by creators who love what they do and show respect those great musical acts that have inspired it to begin with.

While some of our long time favorite groups are either no longer touring, too pricey for the average consumer to enjoy live or just do not grace the venues of Savannah, there is a lot of fun to be had with various tribute shows in the city. Here are just a couple of salute bands that play throughout Savannah whenever they get the chance. You’d be surprised to find out how many incredible impersonation acts have come right out of Georgia.

Rumours – Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Based in Atlanta, Georgia but becoming more notorious here in Savannah with every show, Rumours is a Fleetwood Mac tribute show that is sure to push some nostalgic buttons for anyone that grew up listening to the top songs from the 70’s. If experiencing Fleetwood Mac as they were during the peak of their perfomance years is something that you haven’t been able to cross off your bucket list, this is the show for you. They can be found in a variety of venues like Coaches Corner on Victory, with an upcoming August show right around the corner. Check out their website for upcoming shows and contact info.

Blue Suede Entertainment – A “young” Elvis Tribute

From our very own neighboring city, Atlanta, this Elvis Impersonator is the type of performer that just will not break character. Though he and his act are available to perform anywhere in the world, his homestead is right here in the Peach State. Featuring an entirely vintage setup, this show is a true homage to the golden era of Rockabilly music, encompassing everything that we will never forget from the good old days. Not only does he look like young Elvis, but sounds almost exact. If you’re “nothin but a hound dog” and just want to have a good time, you can find variations of all oldschool Elvis shows with this group and will not be disappointed.

Slippery When Wet – Bon Jovi Tribute

Though they can be found slipping around the state and ones nearby, Slippery When Wet is another group that formed in Atlanta. After many years of being mistaken for the original, front man Jason Morey decided to roll with the comparison and has been touring with his band Slippery When Wet since 2003. Rumor has it that famous comedian Dave Chappelle invited him backstage after believing he was the original and a side by side comparison shows why, the similarities are truly remarkable. Featuring all of the classic hits during their performances, you’re able to take a step back to a time when hair metal ruled the airwaves.


Whether it be original content, covers of all kinds or a gig that is specific to a certain group, the local music scene (and that of Georgia in general) is unforgettable, to say the absolute least. If you’re looking to satisfy any type of musical need, you don’t have to look further than Georgia, specifically Savannah. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow all of the Savannah Sip & Cycle social media pages to stay up to date on local venues, entertainment and just about everything that makes Savannah (and Georgia) a prime place to visit. We look forward to seeing you!