Written by Abstract Samm

When venturing through the legendary Savannah, Georgia you will find out almost instantly that there is definitely no shortage of locations to grab a drink but that’s not even the best part. Not only does the Historic District of Savannah house bars and entertainment venues, every single one of these places are their own experience no matter what door you decide to venture into.

Who/What are Pedal Bar tours of Savannah Best for??

Tour Savannah in Style

Tour Savannah in Style with an awesome Pedal Bar Tour!

For someone who is new to the city looking to have a good time, or even looking to return again, planning might become a bit overwhelming if you don’t know the area well enough. Groups, pairs and even individuals can always find a spot to fit in on one of fifteen seats available on our super sweet party bike! Fueled completely by the peddlers this pub crawl is a simple and eco-friendly way to not find yourself lost in the general hustle and bustle of Savannah’s favorite party spots.

What better way to enjoy all the city has to offer? Birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, girls night, company team building, and whoever else can all fit on the Sip N’ Cycle. While the majority of bike seats require the rider to pedal, the option to just kick back is there with over the wheel seats and a 3 passenger bench in back that just let you sit back, relax, and laugh while your friends doing all the work!

Local Tour Guides to maximize the Experience

Featuring locals that have a true eye for what makes Savannah just so special, our tour guides are always happy to answer any questions you might think of. Whether it be an inquiry about the best spot for vegan options or where to find the cheapest beer, our hosts are ready to give an honest review from someone who lives and breathes Savannah. When you take a ride on the Sip N’ Cycle, your party can get to know where all the best hangouts are without having to waste time figuring out the right fit for your group. We take the hard part out of your planning process and have a blast doing it.

Booking a Beer & Party Bike

Booking a tour is as easy as going to the Savannah Sip n’ Cycle website and making a reservation. Tour packages begin at twenty-five dollars and don’t forget, the bike can safely hold from six to fifteen passengers so don’t be shy about invitations!

What to expect on the pedal bar tour of Savannah

Our tour begins with a run around of the historic Telfair Square on the way to the infamous City Market. Known now for being the central hub for bars in Savannah, City market was once actually a trading center for goods and services back in the 1700’s. One could say that not too much has changed in the area since. Everyone can agree that this area is not only full of historic beauty, but also completely stocked with interesting places to grab a drink.

Once there, the fun begins with a variety of bars that have just a little bit of everything you can think of to offer. Wet Willies frozen drinks are stuff of local legend while Bar Bar hosts free games of all kinds. Get your dance on at the Treehouse or sing your heart out at Pour Larry’s. If frozen drinks and karaoke aren’t quite the scene for you, stroll on over to the Rail Pub or Boomy’s for a unique cultural experience. Rail Pub has it’s own exciting past, having been open since the 1890’s and Boomy’s is not just your average watering hole. Along with a vast variety of drinks offered, Boomy’s also features Vietnamese and Thai dishes on their menu. Be sure to ask your guide about what each location has to offer, you never know what might be going on.

The infamous Stone Stairs of Death - Savannah Ga

The infamous Stone Stairs of Death – Savannah Ga

Everyone has a favorite and we are more than happy to tell you all about ours. After a few drinks and fun in City Market, get ready to check out what the locals call “The Stone Stairs Of Death”and with understandable reason. One look at these bad boys and you’ll never question the nickname again. Known by locals and tourists alike for their steep height and precarious positioning, the Stone Stairs lead you down towards River Street to find out a bit about Stafford’s, which was founded by local firefighter Brian Stafford. Check out the view of the Savannah River and ask about their “ship bombs” for a fun treat. Also along the route is Dubs, the place to be when you need a TV. Boasting as River Street’s only sports bar, you can always stop in to check the score or play your own game at Dubs. After experiencing just what the beautiful River Walk has to offer, it’s a quick pedal back to Johnson Square, the oldest and largest in Savannah. Upon arrival to spacious square, your guide will point the group in the direction of Jens and Friends, a local legend in mixology and great times shared with your favorite companions. With bars like PS Tavern for the Packers fan in all of us, Churchills for a drop of an English draft or two, and the notoriously haunted Moon River Brewing Company, there’s sure to be an experience for all interests included on this ride.

If time permits, there can also be an optional fourth stop available to groups that finish their tour early or are just having too much fun too quit. Whatever your preference, Savannah Sip N’ Cycle is ready to make the day a fun one for your crew. Don’t forget to ask your host for specifics about the city when the tour is reaching it’s end, we are always thrilled to give suggestions about food and entertainment in the area. Booking a tour is simple, just head to www.cyclesavannah.com and click the “Book Now” button for more information and we will handle the rest! We look forward to meeting your party and making this an event for the books.

If you’re looking for a true experience, not just a few cheesy stories, this is the way to roll.