Written by Abstract Samm

Originally founded in 1733, City Market has been the proud heart of Savannah since long before any of us were wandering the streets. When you want to have easy access to all the best pieces of Savannah’s Historic District, City Market is a great jumping off point to anyone from locals to visitors. What used to be only a small market where folks could come and trade/sell goods is now the place for history lessons, photo ops, bars and restaurants of all kinds. Holding true to the area’s original purpose, you can still visit City Market to find wares of any kind from art to food and alcohol. Given the nature of how much the country had to fight for their right to drink throughout prohibition times, we can truly appreciate how much Savannah has grown. From having to hide in secret speakeasies to having the ability to carry open (plastic) containers around the city, we are happy that City Market is still a central hub for entertainment in all forms. Keep reading to find out more about the establishments you will want to visit while you’re walking around. Everything in City Market is relatively close to everything else in City Market so don’t worry about having to travel too much by foot.

American Prohibition Museum Logo Savannah Ga

American Prohibition Museum

4.6 ★
Located on Saint Julian Street, the American Prohibition Museum is where you will want to start off the journey through City Market. This museum highlights the era of Savannah’s history that includes a noteworthy lack of legal alcohol. From the rumrunners providing the alcohol to the gangsters that would protect the product, this museum features a wide selection of memorabilia from that time so long ago. Not to mention the full blown speakeasy in the same location. But wait, there’s even more to the American Prohibition Museum than a history lesson and place to order drinks. They also feature a regular mixology class where you can learn the ins and outs of creating the cocktails that were most popular during prohibition times. To get the full blown “City Market” experience, we suggest that you take advantage of what their location has to offer. Beginning the day with the American Prohibition Museum means that you get to know more about City Market than the average visitor.


Wet Willie’s Logo Savannah Ga

Wet Willie’s

4.7 ★
Since you’re already going to be right in the middle of the market after leaving the museum, you can take your experience up a notch by starting off with a frozen drink from Wet Willie’s. This locally loved bar is any local’s favorite way to cool off on a hot day. We like you, so we will give you a fair warning. Only order the “Call A Cab” if you can handle one of the city’s strongest drinks. Two locations in downtown Savannah are not far from each other with one in City Market and the other on River Street. With a full wall of slushies and sturdy plastic souvenir cups that change often, Wet Willie’s is a staple to the Savannah experience. Locals are known for having a collection of Wet Willie’s cups in their cupboard, they are made of a much higher quality than your average disposable cup.


Savannah Candy Kitchen - Savannah Best Candy

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

4.6 ★
Something sweet waits for you at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen in City Market. Throughout the country, you might run into different variations of this store but this location is one of the originals. Just follow the smell of freshly baked pralines into the doors on Saint Julian Street and take a free sample to start the journey inside. From the moment you cross their threshold, the sights and smells of candy might be a little overwhelming in a good way. Though a large percentage of their treats are made in house, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen also keeps a number of nostalgic treats along with a wall full of gummy treats. Pick through their selection of lunch boxes and tins that cover a wide spectrum of characters and designs, then fill it to the brim with as much taffy as you can fit in one go.


Vinnie Van Go Go’s Logo Savannah

Vinnie Van Go Go’s

4.5 ★
When you want the best value for your dollar on an empty stomach, Vinnie Van Go Go’s is a popular eatery in City Market that always delivers top quality slices of pizza. Larger than the plates used to serve, the slices at Vinnie Van Go Go’s are massive and covered in the fresh toppings of your choice. From 4 pm – 10 pm during the week and from noon until 11 pm on the weekends, Vinnie’s is a popular location for everyone that can smell the fresh made dough cooking from many steps away. Don’t be surprised if you see an employee from Vinnie’s riding a bike with pizzas in their bag, they make all of their local deliveries by cycle to ensure that you won’t have to wait even on busy days.


The Little Crown - Pie Shop in Savannah

The Little Crown by Pie Society

4.6 ★
Savannah’s smallest British pub is an offshoot of Pie Society and is known by The Little Crown. Find this small (but mighty) establishment on Jefferson St and visit them to get a taste of authentic meat pies, quiches, and dessert style pies. Take your pick from a single serving size or share a bigger portioned one with your group, they have a plethora of ingredients to choose from and they all taste heavenly. Try the steak & kidney pie and find out why you read about that particular meal so often in storybooks set in Britain. Take a seat inside or take your pie to go and find an outdoor table, you will want to stay close in case you need to come back for more. These pies are a meal that will take up space in your memory for years to come. From 8 am – 11 pm throughout the week, you can wander into The Little Crown by Pie Society for a lovely meal.


Woof Gang Bakery Logo Savannah Georgia

Woof Gang Bakery

4.6 ★
Savannah’s Historic District is quite the dog friendly place to be. Most bars either have outdoor seating and are happy to bring out some water for your favorite four legged friends, not to mention doggy water fountains placed throughout the city’s walking routes. Along with the general love for pets that shows when you wander around Savannah, we have stores like Woof Gang Bakery that step the game up a notch. Featuring treats that look too good to be made for animals, Woof Gang Bakery is the spot to find quality items for your dogs and cats. Grab them an icing covered bone or high quality gluten free treats, pups have been known to be unsure of whether they are allowed to take the treat because it looks so much like human food. Throughout the year, Woof Gang Bakery plays a role in supporting pet themed events and local shelters so you know they care about the quality of what you take home to your pets. Find them in City Market on Saint Julian St after 10 am daily and keep shopping until at least 7 pm every night. Shopping at Woof Gang Bakery is a win for everyone from Savannah’s local business directory to your very own furry family members.


Byrd Cookie Company Logo Savannah Georgia

Byrd Cookie Company

4.8 ★
Snacking in Savannah doesn’t get much better than a trip to the Byrd Cookie Company location in Savannah’s City Market. Ask for samples of their sweet or savory cookie/cracker selection and pick a treat to munch on throughout the day. Byrd Cookie Company treats make great gifts to take home after the Savannah trip, you will have a tough time finding someone who would be unhappy at the prospect of these cookies. Try samples while you’re inside so you can get an actual taste of the product you will be taking home. We can’t be held responsible for anyone having to deal with lifelong cravings after only one free sample, Byrd Cookie Company products really are that tasty. Simple products packed with intricate flavors are waiting for you to come choose a favorite at the City Market location for Byrd Cookie Company from 10 am – 8 pm every day. Look for the red awning and let these cookies and crackers change your life for the better.


The Georgia Tasting Room Logo Savannah Georgia

The Georgia Tasting Room

4.5 ★
Wine, smoothies, beer? What more could you ask for on a hot day in the south. Cool off with the elegant styles of The Georgia Tasting Room on Saint Julian St in City Market when you want wine, slushies, beer, or smoothies. Grab a casual drink or schedule an entire tasting for their wine selection where they feature a number of locally sourced bottles. If you want to get the most out of this experience, you will inquire about the moonshine slushies and ask to mix flavors. When you’re in the market for an affordable way to enjoy an upscale experience, The Georgia Tasting Room has $3 wine tastings on top of already affordable prices. Rumor has it that if you purchase the bottle you’ve tried, they will cover the cost of your tasting. Choose from indoor or outdoor seating and make your reservation at The Georgia Tasting room any day from 10 am – 12 am.


Beef Jerky Experience Logo Savannah Georgia

Beef Jerky Experience

4.0 ★
People who enjoy eating beef jerky seem to really enjoy doing so, almost like folks who are particular about the kind of wine or whiskey they like to drink. At Beef Jerky Experience, you can try over 100 different styles of beef jerky with flavors you might not think of. Classic maple bacon jerky is one flavor that stands out on the list, but they have more options to pick from than you would believe. Shop at this woman owned establishment on Saint Julian St from 10 am – 5 pm daily and see what you find. Beef Jerky Experience is the kind of place that makes you question your taste in jerky and become a total connoisseur by the time you’ve made a purchase.


Bob’s Hot Dogs Logo Savannah Georgia

Bob’s Hot Dogs

5.0 ★
Along with all of the fun places we have mentioned today, City Market is known for being a central hub to a number of clubs and bars that are all located within walking distance of each other. After a night of dancing and drinking, late night food options can become scarce. When you want to satiate the kind of ravenous hunger that happens after 10 pm on a weekend, Bob’s Hot Dogs is the dependable little stand that can serve you gourmet hot dogs on Friday and Saturday night with no hassle. Even when the lines are long, Bob’s Hot Dogs has employees that are up for the job and want to make sure you’ve got a meal in your stomach after a long night. Check out the pizza dog, complete with pepperoni and mozzarella when supplies are available and don’t be afraid to ask them to burn your dog if that’s what you want. Great vibes always surround this hot dog cart every weekend, you might end up seeing some musicians set up and play for a while. Serving gourmet hot dogs from 10 pm – 3 am on Friday and Saturday, sometimes even on holidays, Bob’s Hot Dogs is dependable for late night. Find this cart right across from the Prohibition Museum.



City Market is an area that encompasses so much of Savannah in one central space, you could plan an entire visit without ever leaving and gain plenty of insight about the Historic District. Make sure to spend some extra time hanging out at any of these establishments if you get the chance and come back to The Savannah Insider to learn more about what Savannah has to offer.