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Visit any of these bars, restaurants, and venues next time you want to enjoy a glass of wine. From locally sourced to international imports, Savannah is the kind of town that keeps wine selections with an array of origins.

The Georgia Tasting Room Logo Savannah Georgia

The Georgia Tasting Room

4.5 ★
Shopping local is important to us at The Savannah Insider, we always love to show support within our growing community and The Georgia Tasting Room takes pride in their part. Located on Saint Julian St, The Georgia Tasting Room is home to the iconic wine smoothie. When the weather gets hot (as it does often) The Georgia Tasting Room offers a unique twist on keeping cool. If you’re feeling brave enough to amp your drink up past wine, ask about their moonshine smoothies. In Savannah, you can carry to-go drinks around in the proper style of container so you can grab a smoothie, beer, or just regular wine to walk with in the city. From 10 am – 10 pm (12 am on the weekends) The Georgia Tasting Room offers tastings that are an affordable way to get a bit of everything they have to offer. When you attend this particular establishment, get ready for a quick paced experience, something almost like an assembly line. Their staff is efficient and friendly every step of the way, so you won’t forget them anytime soon.


Savannah Wine Cellar Savannah Ga

Savannah Wine Cellar

4.7 ★
“The Place to Taste” different wines any day Monday through Saturday is the Savannah Wine Cellar on Abercorn St, complete with their very own self serve wine stations. Ask for a sample of their more than 30 different flavors and find that their staff is as invested in your personal flavor pallet as you are. Pulling from a variety of small and interesting venues, the Savannah Wine Cellar remains stocked with a selection of wines, you can even take a bottle home if you find a favorite. Every Saturday from 4-5:45 pm, come in for the curated wine tasting created by the Savannah Wine Cellar team and taste wines from around the world with full explanations and cliff notes for each sip ingested. Any other open day, have a few drinks in the ultimate wine lover’s experience with self-serve stations that only add to the fun of this adorable establishment. Only closed on Mondays, you can try out every one of the Savannah Wine Cellar’s Stellar options from 11 am – 8 pm. Gather up the whole crowd and know that there is something for everyone at the Savannah Wine Cellar. This hidden gem will have you wanting to come back for more samples, maybe even to take a bottle home for your next big party. Find them just outside of downton in the Twelve Oaks Shopping center, located right next to Publix.


Churchill’s Logo Savannah Georgia

Churchill’s on Bay

4.4 ★
British inspired, a little edgy, and upscale without trying too hard, sitting down at Churchill’s on Bay St feels like taking a step into a completely different era. Three levels are all accessible from the wine cellar in the basement all the way up to the rooftop bar. Whether you’re sitting above, below, or right at street level, Churchill’s keeps a stocked menu with wines that you will be dying to try with any of their food menu. The real fun is down in the basement where you will find Winston’s Wine Cellar. Ideal for private events, this portion of the venue is an intimate setup where you can take in all of the classic style atmosphere while ordering off the wine and beer list. Open every day from 11 am – 10 pm at least, you can enjoy their wine menu no matter where you sit at Churchill’s so plan to enjoy a glass with lunch or dinner sometime. As close as this restaurant is to River Street, a stop to Churchill’s while out sightseeing is too easy to skip out on.


Sobremesa Wine Lounge Logo Savannah Georgia

Sobremesa Wine Lounge

5.0 ★
Pulling influence from all over the world, the owners of Sobremesa Wine Lounge started out as two strangers who met at The Rail Pub on Congress. That chance happening back in 2011 started a chain reaction of events that led to two locals taking on the local restaurant scene, sometimes the “butterfly” effect can work in favor of everyone. Now, Savannah is thrilled to have Sobremesa Wine Lounge on Abercorn St offering old world style with new age service. Every step of your trip to Sobremesa Wine Lounge feels like it was planned to suit your needs individually. Try the wine flight option to engage in samples of drinks and take the experience to a top tier level with a charcuterie board to snack on. Sobremesa Wine Lounge is closed on Sunday and Monday, but is open from 4-10 pm every other day for fun times, great snacks, and even better drinks. When you want the sort of night out that will leave you with plenty of stories to tell, Sobremesa Wine Lounge is something different that gets better every time you go.


Late Air Logo Savannah Georgia

Late Air

4.9 ★
Right on the corner of Bull and Victory, Late Air Wine is the kind of location that stays up-to-date with the latest trends, always rotating their inventory to keep things fresh. Late Air is open late night from 4-10 pm during the week and 2-11 pm on Friday and Saturday with a special focus on keeping natural wines. Using a simple, more traditional method to winemaking has grown in popularity over the years and Late Air is happy to play their part in the movement. There’s something particularly satisfying about knowing that your wine is less likely to come with pesticides and other unknown chemicals. Pair your delectable wines with a food menu featuring larger portioned side dishes that make sharing easy. With every bite and sip taken at Late Air, you can taste the intention behind the whole experience. At this small, nearly hidden gem of a wine bar, each aspect of your night out is tended to with an attention to detail that could only come from a restaurant that has their customers in mind first.


208 Wine Bar Logo Savannah Georgia

208 Wine Bar

4.9 ★
Factors Walk is one of the parts of Savannah that on the surface seems to never undergo any major changes. Used initially for delivery wagons to make deposits without clogging up the main street, Factors Walk is a small piece of the Historic District that is easy to overlook if you aren’t specifically heading that way. The slightly dank, but almost cozy little cobblestone street is like a hideaway for some of the Historic District’s coolest spots to hang out like the Graveface Museum and 208 Wine Bar. When you want to take your group to a bar that seems too cool to be open for the general public, 208 Wine Bar is ready to make your afternoon or evening memorable. Make a selection from over 60 different wines and sit down to enjoy some live music, they keep a variety of acts coming through to ensure the perfect ambiance for your visit. Tuesday through Saturday, 208 Wine Bar is open from 2 – 9 pm, even later on the weekends.


Artillery Lounge Savannah Ga logo


4.7 ★
Another historic location turned into a bar, Artillery is a sophisticated establishment that features plenty of learning opportunities housed within their walls, not to mention a wine list that would make the troops come home early. What was once an armory that housed artillery is now a modern, chic, bar that loves to pay homage to a different time when folks would only go out wearing a full beat face or suit. Get dressed up before you head over to this Bull St bar, they have a dress code in effect to really amp up the ambiance of the speakeasy located within. Artillery is the kind of place where you can relax in an elevated setting. Don’t fill up too much on the complimentary snacks or there won’t be any room left for wine and carefully crafted cocktails. Visit the Artillery bar anytime Tuesday-Saturday from 4 pm until midnight next time you want to wear a nice cocktail dress and sports coat. Don’t ask us why drinks seem to taste better when you’re dressed to the nines.


Ardsley Station Logo Savannah Georgia

Ardsley Station

4.2 ★
Victory Drive is the farthest you will have to drive to find Ardsley Station, a newer restaurant in the Savannah area that keeps a fine wine list along with a vast food menu. Shrimp & grits or a big burger make a solid pair with the lunch, brunch, or dinner menu, along with plenty of different Southern choices. Ardsley Station is open every day of the week from 11 am – 10 pm, ready to serve your party for lunch or dinner and plenty of wine and other drinks, of course. Unlike your average chain restaurant, Ardsley Station is made up of a staff and owners that care about every customer who comes in. If you manage to find any reason to complain during your trip to this restaurant, you can bet that a manager or owner will go above and beyond to make the experience right. They are never shy about accepting criticism and always take the time to ensure every customer’s satisfaction down to the final detail.


Better Than Sex - Savannah Candy

Better Than Sex

4.7 ★
There was no way we could talk about interesting wine experiences in the Savannah area without adding Better Than Sex, because the only thing that pairs better with wine than cheese has to be chocolate. Better Than Sex is known for being one of the area’s favorite spots for date nights with their cozy ambiance and expansive dessert menu. Find this place on Broughton St and find out what kinds of dessert will go best with your wines, or get crazy and test out the signature cocktails menu. From 6 – 11 pm Wednesday through Sunday, Better Than Sex is the way to take a date and make it unforgettable. Make sure to look into putting your names down for a reservation on standard date night evenings, this place is a popular one for couples especially around Valentine’s Day.


Butterducks Winery

4.8 ★
Not exactly in Savannah but close enough to mention is Butterducks Winery in one of our favorite neighboring towns. Guyton, Georgia is only a quick drive outside of Savannah and is also the home of Butterducks Winery. This 17 year old winery is happy to provide a little getaway that has received a number of awards for their wines. Making the drive is quite peaceful, just like your time spent at Butterducks. Sitting down outside on their lovely patio, the Butterducks Winery staff will guide your party through a list of fruit based wines to pair with cheese plates. Award winning house made wines sit alongside a selection of vintage choices, leaving a vast array of options for all patrons. Closed during the week, Butterducks Winery is an experience saved for the weekends so plan accordingly and order a wine flight to get the best bang for your buck. Though this is not a Savannah based bar (technically) we had to make mention of the closest full service winery in the area. Trust us, you won’t regret making the quick drive over to Butterducks Winery.



We hope you have found the best option to satisfy your wine based needs while spending time in Savannah, Georgia. At The Savannah Insider, we are constantly looking for more ways to let you know how to best enjoy our favorite town. Keep reading through our articles next time you need to know anything about where to eat, drink, and generally enjoy the city that we call home. To get the best insight, you will want to book a tour with one of our skilled hosts, they can give you the best insight on this town and are always happy to do so.