Written by Abstract Samm

Welcome back to the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle blog! If you have never visited this site before, you have been seriously missing out. From Happy Hour to great Vegan food, the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle blog is all about everything that has to do with our favorite city! Be sure to bookmark this page and keep coming back to see what we have covered. While you are here, take a moment to read up on our tour services from atop the #PartyBike. When the tickets start at 25$ a seat, there is no reason to not give us a look or two. Stop wondering why you can always find a group of excited guests yelling “Wooooo” on the giant bikes and find out for yourself what keeps people coming back to Savannah Sip N’ Cycle.

This week, we are taking a bit of time to talk to you about something that we LOVE here in the city. You already know about the #PartyBike, Savannah’s ONLY mobile dance floor experience, but we wanted to dial back a second, get closer to our roots, or you could say wheels. Here in Georgia’s oldest city, you know that cars were not always the primary form of transportation. Even now, in 2021, with automobiles galore, people who live in the area might be more willing to hop on two wheels in an effort to reach their destination. If you know anything about our services, you know that this company is proud to host an eco-friendly tour option in the form of a Pedal Tavern, Pedicab or just bicycles in general. Most of our hosts are avid bike riders themselves and can tell you just how easy navigating traffic can be while taking the two wheel options.

While it can seem a bit overwhelming when first taking notice of all the bikes in this area versus the cars and foot traffic, taking a moment to consider road rules in regards to your preferred form of transportation can make all the difference in your navigation. Keep on reading to find out a couple of things you should consider before getting on the roads, not sidewalks, here in Savannah’s Historic District. Even with the consistent traffic throughout the day, Savannah is not hard to navigate with only two wheels, you might even find someone on a unicyle one day.

 First things first, riding a bicycle on the sidewalks is not just frowned upon (and worthy of a few dirty looks, and maybe mean comments from drivers) but is actually not legal for adults to do. This same rule applies to riding through the historic squares. Having a bicycle in the square is fine, just be sure to dismount and walk your bike if you need to make a detour through one of the squares or on the sidewalk. With how often the tourists are wandering somewhat aimlessly, consistently distracted by all of the history that our beautiful city has to offer, you never know who is going to stop in the middle of a stroll for a photo opportunity. Don’t believe us? Take a second to check back through our older posts, we have an entire spotlight that is dedicated to the photo-worthy spots throughout Savannah. You’d be hard pressed to find a group of tourists who can walk through the squares without wanting to stop for a better look. Nobody can ever be quite sure of who is going to stop in the middle of a walking path to read a sign or listen to one of the buskers making music.


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Another general bit of advice is this, avoid a potential upset in the system by riding your bicycle on the roads with the flow of traffic. People are used to seeing bicycles pushing alongside them in traffic, but not so much oncoming. Regardless of what side you need to be on, make sure that you are riding along with the direction of the cars. Bicycling against traffic is not just dangerous for you as a rider, but distracting for the vehicles on the road. Luckily enough, most of Savannah’s Historic District is lined with bike lanes, a section of the road specifically made up to keep riders safe. With all that in consideration, be sure to avoid the “one-way” style roads like Whitaker or Drayton, traffic generally moves quickly down those roads and we just want to be sure that everyone arrives at their destination safely. Barnard and Habersham are just two examples of main roads that include a bike lane, giving riders a sense of peace while they bike.

Bike riding in a general sense is common in a place like Savannah’s Historic District, we don’t have to deal with the hassle of hills, and our city is less crowded than you would normally expect. But did you know that the community surrounding the idea of bicycles, pedicabs and other Eco-friendly local transport options (like the Savannah Sip N’ Cycle) is a thriving one? From Savannah Bike Walk, an organization dedicated to providing riders with bicycles where they couldn’t otherwise afford one, to the entire Pedicab industry, you would be shocked to learn how much influence two tires can have on a city.

Are you passionate about cycling like we are here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle? Check out one of our prior articles about the origin of Pedicabs if you would like a bit of a history lesson on the subject, or book a cab ride with our friends at Royal Bike Taxi, the guides are always stoked to answer any questions! Cycling is not just (what we feel is) the best form of local travel, but is a lifestyle that we are hyped about. What better way to make cycling better than to add music, a dance floor and your favorite friends?

Here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle, we are constantly on a mission to provide you with a set of resources that will ensure you have the best experience possible while in the city. For us, the #PartyBike tours are just an upgraded version of our favorite way to travel, by bicycle or pedicab. If experiencing Savannah to the fullest extent (without walking your legs to sleep) is at the top of your list, don’t skip out on the best Pedicab and Party Bike tour guides in the area if you aren’t already on your own bicycle, that is. First time visitors, repeat guests and locals are all invited to come take a ride with us sometime! Bookmark this page if you haven’t already to stay up to date with everything happening here at Savannah Sip N’ Cycle and Royal Bike Taxi. Better yet? Give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram (@sav_sip_cycle) to see the antics we get into every week. There’s nothing stopping you from booking a tour today so we can’t wait to hear from you!

For more local bicycle travel related information, bikewalksavannah.org is not just a great way to contribute to Eco-Friendly travel within the city but also full of resources for bikers. This organization’s primary goal is to provide anyone in need of a way to get around with a recycled bicycle that is safe to use.